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In these pages we will be bringing you more detailed information about issues affecting our village


We will add further sections as more issues are brought to our attention




The local Police team looking after us in Grange Moor is now led by Sgt Grahem Slarke with PC 4110 Diane Shaw our local lead officer supported by PCSOs



If you have any questions for the team you should contact them using the following e-mail


This inbox is checked on a regular basis but should not be used for reporting a crime, suspicious incidents and anti-social behaviour.


This will need to be reported to the Team through the usual means of calling 101 / 999 or through our website:


The Community Association can be contacted with non-urgent queries which we can pass onto PC Miller direct.


PCSO 960 Anna Haigh and PCSO 786 William Smith attended the Community Association on February 12 and as far as we know they are still in place in team looking after us





It will help to monitor activity within the village if residents use the above contact details please


Officers from the Rural Police Team will be joining us for the August Coffee @ The Pavilion





Grange Moor Primary School

Students contributions for May 2019 Newsletter

Thanks to everyone for their contribution, the full list is shown here


At Grange Moor Primary School all of the children try their best and have good stickability


On visits to other places we always get complimented for outstanding behaviour


All of the children learn from their mistakes

Nihar Christison Year 5


At our School, Grange Moor Primary School we try our best and work hard. We have lots of fun clubs after School and we love to join in with them. After a Visitor visits our School, our school always get complimented on how well behaved we are

Fara Mediwake   Year 5


At our School, Grange Moor Primary we have lots of opportunities to go on residential weekends like Helmsley. We are also taken on loads of amazing class trips through the years at Grange Moor. Once a year we are taken to a singing concert called Young Voices

Chloe   Year 5


At Grange Moor Primary School we lots of sports and we get invited to do sports out of school. We do a sports day once a year and have lots of fund. Not just boys do sport at our our school, girls do as well

Florence J       Year 5


Our School is years from Reception, Class !, Class 2, and Class 3. Also our School Moto is WORK HARD AIM HIGH. Our manners at Grange Moor Primary School are outstanding. We always get complimented good behaviour after we have been on a school trip

Boe   Year 5


At Grange Moor Primary School   we learn in a fun way

The supply teachers always leave in the school happy

Grange Moor Primary School have a range of fun clubs for everyone

Harry    Year 5


At Grange Moor Primary School the teacher are really nice and if we get something wrong they don’t shout at us. They always tell us to work hard and aim high. They help us to learn

Tilly       Year 5


Grange Moor Primary School is a very welcoming school with very kind and caring staff and friendly students. It has a range of after school clubs and has an amazing education. It is also surprisingly fund

Jacob Flynn    Year 6


Grange Moor is a good school with excellent behaviour and nice friendly staff. From ages 4 to 11 it is a great place to start. We do fun activities and great Nativity’s which are nice to watch

Luke   Year 6


The after school clubs are very fun and enjoyable and they are run by great people. 

There is a wide range of clubs to do such as : sports clubs, arts and crafts, computering, film club and after school club. The clubs are not expensive and very affordable

Ronny    Year 6


At Grange Moor Primary school we go on many fun school trips that teach us about the topic we are focusing on. On School trips is is made sure people are safe like at school normally. Also the children go on residential from year four up until year six; each class (years five and six go together) go once a year as a treat. 

Finlay E Year 6



At our School the teachers are fair and friendly and all the pupils are very welcoming

At our school there is lots of fun activities to do (eg school trips, art)

At our School the teachers make education fun and enjoyable and make it safe for everyone

Charlie Hine      Year 6


At Grange Moor Primary school we do fun activities and we all have good behaviour. The teachers are fair, fun and friendly and treat everyone the same. We go on lots of school trips and residentials and also do sport events. We always get complimented when people from outside of school come in to help

Abigail Youde       Year 6


Grange Moor Primary school is a safe, caring and helpful school, the teachers make education fun and enjoyable. At our school we go on exciting school trips  to learn more about the topic we learning about. We go out of school on a trip we are always complimented on our amazing behaviour

Anna Caygill       Year 6

Grange Moor Primary School has lots of kind students and staff. We are very welcoming and also friendly too. We have very good behaviour and a good attitude towards learning

Ellie Arthurs Year 6


Grange Moor Primary School is welcoming and friendly. At Grange Moor Primary school we are kind well behaved and we have a good sense of humour. We have good education and always do the right thing .  We have outstanding behaviour and amazing attitude

Tiad Blacka      Year 6


Grange Moor Primary School is very educational and friendly. We have good behaviour and always do the right thing. All of the teachers are very kind and helpful. Grange Moor Primary school is the most outstanding school and is the best

Anya Robertson  Year 6


This school is kind and caring

Grange Moor Primary school is also excellent

This school is outstanding

Blake Taylorsmith         Year 6


Grange Moor Primary School is very fun and we are all friendly. All the teachers are kind and helpful if you are struggling or if you are stuck. Grange Primary School is the best

 Leah Sutton   Year  6


In our school we do many clubs like sport Art and craft


And much more. Teachers try make clubs as much fun as possible so we can all enjoy them. Our school is the best

Samuel   Year 6


Grange Moor is a very welcoming School

People are very kind and generous to others

Avril   Year 6


Grange Moor is a very welcoming school it is fun and the pupils very friendly as well the adults. We do lots of after school clubs including sports clubs and art clubs and people work extremely hard. We go on residentials that we all enjoy and do many fun activities. Our School is the best

Jack       Year 6


This school is kind, hard working and caring but also friendly

Grange Moor Primary Scholl has a very good attendance of good behaviour on trips and going on residential

Our school motto is work hard and aim high, and all pupils do that

April      Year 6









There were rumours circulating in the village towards the end of 2018 that the Play Area on Liley lane was up for sale, or had in fact been sold


We made enquiries about this at the time, and were able to confirm that the land is not currently up for sale, and there are no plans for re-development of the play area other than the Council’s “Greenspace Play Strategy”


The Council have confirmed the Grange Moor Recreation Ground, Liley Lane has been designated “Urban Green Space” in the Kirklees Local Plan, but this does allow for a change of designation should the land in question no longer be used for the purpose for which the designation was granted


The Council published their “Greenspace Play Strategy for Kirklees in December, and this has now been approved as the Play Strategy for Kirklees


The Play Strategy confirmed the ideas that were presented in the Council’s original consultation on the future of Children’s Play Areas in Kirklees with a move to “Destination Play” rather than small play area sites


“Deliver new and improved green spaces differently to ensure efficient use of resources, support biodiversity and encourage communities to take ownership of green spaces where they live and their Maintenance”

(Greenspace Play Strategy – December 2018)


The Greenspace Strategy document can be viewed or downloaded at



We have 2 Play Areas in Grange Moor, and it is highly likely that one of these will be removed.


This will result in the Village having just one area for children’s play, and it has long been felt that the Council’s intentions are to remove the Liley Lane site and concentrate Children’s Play on the site Behind Grameen Spice. This could lead to the removal of the “Urban Space designation” on the Liley Lane site, and in turn this could lead to the sale and development of the site for other purposes





We have received the following update from the Council regarding the Play Area Strategy


“We are currently in the process of having meetings with all of our ward councillors which will run into the first week of September. During these meetings we will be discussing in further detail all the play areas throughout their wards.


Once the meetings with the ward councillors are completed we will then start the engagement process shortly after with local residents. The dates and times of which will be advertised as soon as they are confirmed.


As I’m sure you can appreciate, with 23 wards and 69 councillors to meet, a lot of time is being spent planning and carrying out these meetings in order to ensure that the most appropriate proposals are put forward. Your feedback is very valuable and I appreciate it feels like the engagement process is taking a long time to arrange, but I can assure you that this will happen following the Councillor meetings.”


Councillor Bill Armer  who is working closely with the Community Association confirms  that his position remains that he wishes to see the Liley Lane area retained and enhanced, and he will be putting this point forcefully at the meeting.


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AUGUST  2019





You may have noticed that the concrete block with the inscription Shuttle Eye Number 2 shaft on the land overlooking the Grange Moor Roundabout has become overgrown of late


The sadly neglected state of this memorial to the history of the village on land overlooking Grange Moor Roundabout was brought to our attention by a concerned resident


An initial site clearance was made just after Easter by the Council, who own the land but have not included the site in their maintenance programme


The advertising boards that have appeared on the site should not be there and the Council are going to have them removed


There is more work needed after years of neglect and following a meeting with the Council we have agreed a date in November for a Community Clear up



From 10.30 am to around 2.30 pm


The Council will provide the necessary equipment for the work and guidance on the day


We need residents to come along and help out for all or part of this Tidy up day, please book the date if you can help and improve the site and make the Pit memorial more visible to all who pass


Come back and check this site for more information nearer the time, and hope that we can have the support of residents when the time comes to carry out the work


August 2019




The Pre-School building has been closed since Grange Moor Pre-School closed in July last year


Concerns have been expressed from a number of sources about the future of the building with little or no positive response coming from the Council


The Community Association has been pressing the Council for answers about the future of the building and whether we will see pre-school facilities being made available in the village


As a result of the Community Association’s pressing, a meeting was held on 28 January with several Council Departments represented to talk about the building and what could be done


There had been no further information coming from the Council since that meeting and after pressure from the Community Association a further meeting was arranged for Wednesday 7 August


The Council Officers present responded to our concerns, in particular the submission that the Community Association presented setting out the concerns of the village and residents regarding the absence of pre-school facilities and the empty building and worries about its future use



The Council response was positive to our concerns and whilst we are not able to give you any more details just at the moment the Council have provided the following statement which we hope will be of interest to everyone in the village, particular families with pre-school children


“The Council has agreed that the Children’s Centre (in Grange Moor) can be made available for community use, this is in early developmental stages and more details will follow”


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Thanks to everyone who provided a response and comments about this issue, all of which we used in our submission to make it clear that this is a village-wide concern, and which seems to have had a positive effect on the Council’s consideration of our position in Grange Moor


Contact us through the web site or e-mail us at


August 2019









An Application for planning permission has been submitted to Kirklees


“For the Restoration of derelict land for agriculture, involving the importation of 90,000 tonnes of top soil and sub soil


The project requires the import of soil by 20 tonnes wagon onto the site using Liley Lane with the favoured route being from Grange Moor roundabout and past the Church and School


The detailed Transport Assessment which accompanies the application suggests that the import of soil will require up to 80 wagon load a day with the favoured route being from Grange Moor roundabout through the village passing the Church and School on the way to the site at Emley Fields. This will need the wagons to turn right into the site access. The return trip will turn left into Liley Lane and returning to the Grange Moor roundabout through the village.


Wagon journeys will be throughout the day Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings for up to 2 years


This has raised concerns about the impact that this will have on the already busy Liley Lane / Bellstring Lane


There was article in the Examiner about this on 8 February


More detailed information can be found on the Kirklees Council Web Site, Search for Planning Application under the above Planning reference Number





The Application was considered at the strategic Planning Committee on 9 May

Councillor Bill Armer made a number of submissions regarding the application raising a number of concerns


Councillor Armer also read a submission from the Community Association in which we raised our concerns over the road traffic implications and fears over the increased traffic that would be generated as a result of this application being accepted


The application was refused


An appeal is expected but this could take some time as appeals are not considered locally and are outside of the Council’s jurisdiction


There was an article about this in the Examiner on 11 May and you can also visit the Council web site, and Search for planning applications using the above reference 


May 2019





The School Governors raised their concerns following an accident on the road outside the school entrance on the weekend of January 19/20


This has been discussed with a senior Highways Engineer by Councillor Bill Armer at which a number of possible measures were discussed, including better signage.


We now wait now to hear from the Council, though the process may take some time because of the Council Process involved, not to mention the “significant legal & admin costs” (no amount quoted)


The Community Association have now had a conversation with West Yorkshire Police and have expressed our serious concerns over speeding vehicles on Liley Lane. We explained to them that vehicles are regularly exceeding the 40 mph speed limit and we have evidence to support this.


We are currently awaiting a further response from the Police regarding the speeding issue and will be reporting back to you when we have heard from the Police



In the meantime please continue to let us have a note of any personal experience you have of vehicles speeding on Liley Lane so that we can build up a picture of what is actually happening on this road and help us in our conversations with both the Police and Local Authority



We currently have 4 road traffic incidents recorded this year


You should be aware that a road traffic accident is not recorded as such unless any of the parties involved require hospital treatment


Kirklees Council are unlikely to agree to the installation of fixed speed cameras unless there have been fatalities resulting from accidents on their roads.


In addition to keeping us informed about road traffic incidents residents should also send their concerns comments and views on traffic and road conditions to


The more comments the Council receive about Liley Lane, they might just start listening to us about our concerns for this road.





West Yorkshire police tell us that that have carried out speed checks on Liley Lane, traffic speeds returned to normal after they left!!


Things seem to have settled down a bit with no further reports of traffic incidents on Liley Lane for a few weeks


If you are aware of anything that we need to know about, please get in touch


We have heard nothing further regarding our other enquiries and will continue to press for answers to the questions raised




August  2019   








The Local Plan for housing and business development over the coming 15 years was approved at the Council Meeting on 27 February with no further amendments






The Local Plan for development identifies 2 accepted sites for housing and a Priority Employment Area


There is also a “Safeguarded” Land site




Reference H128 is the site around Urban Terrace, for which 22 houses could be planned


This site is not owned by Kirklees Council. They manage the site as Corporate Trustees on behalf of the Manor of Briestwhistle Allotment Charity


It appears that this will not prevent the land from being included in a development plan, but final disposal/sale of the land would be subject to the agreement of the Charity, and there may be restrictions about how any profits should be used to benefit the Charity


We are not sure at the present time whether this may present the Council with problems that may make the sale / disposal of the land too difficult, or indeed where any proceeds may be paid to


The Community Association are keeping a close watch on this and will let you know as when they are developments with this



Reference H2576 is the site at the end of Deer Park Lane and is planned for 42 houses


This is technically in Briestfield


This site appears to be available for development without any restrictions



The Local Plan allows for development at some point in the next 15 years, and as far as we know there is no current interest in either of these sites


Priority Employment Area


This relates to Jubilee Way and the businesses based there


There appears to be no further effect on the Village with relation to this  




Safeguarded Land Site (Reference SL2182) is land off Back Lane.


The Local Plan sets out “that safeguarded land will be protected from development other than that which is necessary in relation to the operation of existing uses, change of use to alternative open land uses or temporary uses. All proposals must not prejudice the possibility of long term development on safeguarded land sites. The status of safeguarded land sites will only change through a review of the local plan”


The view with this site is that it appears unlikely that this site will be considered for development before 2034


Planning activity within Kirklees and the Local Plan seems to be concentrated on the much larger sites, so we will have to wait and see what happen


We will, of course, keep you up to date with this issue as we hear more


When we look around at the developments that other Communities are facing, we may have come off fairly lightly


We will be keeping an eye on this, but if you hear something that may put a different complexion on the above, do get in touch



With grateful thanks to Councillor Bill Armer for providing the information for the above

April 2019