Christmas Fayre 2015

​​​The Grange Moor Community Association aims to promote and develop a community spirit across all residents and businesses of Grange Moor

The Community Association is a “not for profit” organisation and all money raised is used to fund projects for the benefit of everyone living and working in Grange Moor.

Grange Moor Community Association was formed in 2013 by a small number of like-minded residents who felt the need to establish a group to provide social and cultural activities for the people who call Grange Moor “Home”

The Community Association is open to all residents and businesses in the village, anyone interested to know more about what we can come along to our Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month. Please check with our home page for the venue of each meeting.

The Association started with no funds and it became obvious quite quickly that fund raising would be a major priority to allow our projects and activities take place

 A Summer Fayre and Christmas Fayre became the first line activity in raising the money which would allow us to look at meeting the needs of our village as they arose.

 The Association was also able to secure grants from both Kirklees Council and Kirkburton Parish Council, which added to the coffers and allowed us the opportunity to look at ways in which in these funds could be used

In 2014 the first Grange Moor Scarecrow Competition was run, with the competition being held each year in September since then. In 2016 the Scarecrow Competition was linked to a Family Race Night at which the results of the competition were announced and prizes awarded to the winners. Have a look at the separate section for more information about this and details of past competitions.

The 2016 competition thus became part of our fund raising activities and, partnering with the Bowls Club, we turned the Race Night into a Family friendly event. We were also delighted when the local business community came on board with fantastic support

4 prizes with meals for the winners of the scarecrow Competition from local eateries

6 Race Sponsors and prizes for the winning owners at the Race Night

7 donations of Raffle prizes for the Raffle on the Race Night

 And with an almost full function room on the Saturday Night this made a really good night for everyone with money raised shared between the Association and the Bowling Club​

2017 we are looking at a major project

The Grange Moor Miniature Memorial Park

Please take a look at the “Projects” section on the web site for more details of this. We will add up to date information on the progress of these projects as this becomes available.

In 2017 we will need to raise more finance to complete these projects. Consequently we will not be running the Summer and Christmas Fayre's this year.

Thanks to the generosity of the Football Club we will be involved with Car Boot sales on Sunday August 6 and 13 with a view to raising money to assist with these projects.

We will also be looking for funds from other sources and invite you to assist us in this by making a donation to help us raise the money we need. We hope that you will be able to help with this, please get in touch to see how this can be done, and thank you, in advance, for your generosity

 The 2017 Scarecrow Competition will take place during the last 2 weeks in September with the FAMILY RACE NIGHT on Saturday September 30 when winners will be announced and prizes awarded We have been working with local businesses and other community groups during 2016 to build partnerships that can also work for the benefit of the community. We are, therefore, grateful to all the local businesses that have supported us during 2016. Have a look at the list below and see for yourself, and perhaps you can look to support the local business community wherever you can

The Community Association also produce a quarterly Newsletter. This is hand delivered to almost 500 homes in the Village by members of the Community Association. In addition to the home deliveries copies of the Newsletter can be picked up at outlets in and around the Village, The Post Office, Off Licence ,Fish & Chip Shop and Hairdressers all have copies for you to pick up as well as The Grange, Blacksmiths Arms, Orlando’s and Grameen Spice. Both the School and Pre-School kindly distribute copies through their pupils as well. All three garages in the village have copies at their reception for customers to pick up. Thanks to the local business community for this help in distributing our Newsletter.


We hope that when the Miniature Memorial Park is completed residents, other groups, and organisations within the village may like to come and join in the upkeep of this Park. The hope is that sufficient people will come along so that no one is expected to do lots of the work and this is spread across the many. With the result that the Park is kept in good condition for residents by residents for everyone to enjoy

 We have also been privileged and grateful for the support and encouragement received from Councillors from both Kirklees Council and Kirkburton Parish Council. They have provided a valuable link to both Councils and their advice and guidance over the last 4 years has been invaluable helping us to develop and grow our local Community Association 

We are also looking for suggestions for other projects, however small, that we can consider

which may enhance life and well-being in the village for everyone. We will welcome your

thoughts and ideas about what you would like to see in the village and look forward to

hearing from you.

Grange Moor Community Association has been grateful for the support of the following local business during 2016, thanks to each and every one for their help

Jo Buckley, 3 Day Eventer

Blacksmiths Arms

Coachworks Café

Paul Firth, Window Cleaner

Grameen Spice

Grange Moor Coachworks

Grange Moor Garage

Grange Moor Post Office

Grange Moor Off Licence

The Grange Pub

Grange Moor Fisheries

Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

Sahib's @ The Grange

Streakers, Hairdressers

Ben Wightman Land services

J Wright & Sons

The Unusual Chutney Company


We have been pleased and privileged to have such generous support from these local businesses, and would ask you to give them your support in their business.

Thank you one and all

 If you run in a business in Grange Moor and would like to join our supporters please get in touch.

You can sponsor our Newsletter or Website, whilst advertising is available on our web site on attractive terms for the smaller business, please get in touch. 

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