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A post on Community Face Book recently highlighted the problem of litter on Wakefield Road and around the roundabout which sadly continues to be a problem, with the suspicion that is a result of items thrown out passing vehicles


Further checks on Wakefield Road have actually shown an improvement with much of the rubbish on both sides of the road having been cleared, not sure who to thank for this – the Council Guy who comes along on a Monday and Friday, or some public-spirited resident, which if this is the case many thanks for doing this


This compares with the much-improved state of our village streets and pathways which, thanks to the diligence and support of our own Community and the regular presence of a Council guy remain fairly clear of litter


Mention was made of a Community Clear up, sounds a great idea, not possible at the moment with current Covid rules, and we will look at this when we are able to arrange “gatherings again”.


It should be noted, however, that we have organized regular Litter Picks around the village in the recent past, sadly they were not supported by residents leaving the same few people (generally Members of the Community Association) to do this. If you want this, we will arrange this but will need more support from you




We were really pleased to  deliver 48 meals to 23 homes with our latest Community Fish & Chip delivery on 25 March


This brings the total meals delivered this year, so far to 116 with delivery 50 homes 


We know how much these deliveries have been appreciated, and we really wanted to get back to doing this, and have plans for further deliveries



Thursday 29 April

Primary Recipients will be Supermarket workers (and their families) as a thank you for the really great effort they have made over the last 12 months to keep us fed and supplied with our household necessities


Open for requests and nominations on Monday 12 April and will close on tea time Friday 23 April


It is not our intention to exclude anyone from these meals, which are open to all residents, with a primary recipient for each delivery to ensure that we can reach these residents first


We particularly welcome nominations from residents for others who, they feel, would welcome the delivery of one of the Fish & Chip teas.  


Please send your request/nomination by e-mail to or ring Brian on 840731


The offer for this delivery is Fish & Chips or sausage & Chips, with a kid’s menu available for any families included in the delivery


Anyone nominated will need to be made aware that a delivery will be made to them, if you would like us to do this please let us know when you send in your nomination, otherwise please make sure the nominated individual/family is aware of this and should be ready receive a delivery on the day, thank you


As usual delivery will be to home between 5.00 and 6.00pm on the Thursday evening, we will be observing social distancing and our volunteers will be wearing masks when making these deliveries. If wish to have your delivery left on your doorstep, please let us know and our volunteer will knock on your door to let you know we have delivered, and wait to make sure you have taken delivery yourself

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With Lock Down now easing and hopefully relaxed altogether in June we will shortly be winding the Covid-19 support


We want to thank everyone who have helped out with supporting their neighbours through the very difficult period since March 2020, whether this is through our support scheme by simply being good neighbours


This has been a really effort by our residents and we want to thank each and every one of you for your individual efforts during the last 13 month


Thanks for your fantastic support for your neighbours, please keep it up