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​​​​​Grange Moor Community Association


The Council (as Corporate Trustee) have now confirmed that they have invested the proceeds from the sale of the land adjoining Urban Terrace.

“The trustee can (generally) spend only the income received following the  investment of the proceeds from the sale of its assets, and the funds are now being invested, which it is anticipated will produce a return of c £8,000 to £10,000 per annum.


The Manor of Briestwistle Charity funds are for any charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area of the former Manor of Briestwistle for which provision is not made out of rates, taxes or other public funds.  The area of the Manor of Briestwistle is a part of Grange Moor village, and to the north east, including Whitley Lower”

(extract from e-mail from the Council 22 July 2022)

The Community Association are meeting with Residents Groups in Briestfield and Whitley to consider our response to this


GARDA – The new restaurant in Grange Moor

For those of you who may not be aware the former Orlando’s Restaurant has new owners, and they are planning to re-open on Wednesday 10 September at 5.00 pm

They have a web site –

Telephone 01924 840762

We welcome them to the village and wish them every success in this new venture


(August 2022)

We have recently seen a number of vehicles parked near to Grange Moor roundabout, which

have caused some concerns to residents. Last week a car was reported being parked on Fixby Lane for some time. We have been making a number of enquiries about the legality of this sort of parking, and after speaking with the Police and Councillor Bill Armer (whohappens to have some knowledge on this subject from his previous career as a police officer himself) about the Council’ position on this and we have to tell you that there is little or nothing that we can do about this.

There is, we are told, no law governing parking of vehicles unless there yellow lines or other restrictions clearly signposted on the road side. As long as vehicles have current tax, MOT and insurance they are not breaking any law and can remain there for as long as they wish, providing that they are not causing an obstruction to other road users.

In the case of the roundabout the “roadway” up to the gates is considered part of the highway by Kirklees Council. Parking on the grass with 2 wheels on the “roadway” is deemed parking on the highway and Highways have said that they think that all motorists have the right to park at the roadside on a first come first saved basis.

In the case of the car parked on Fixby Lane, the Police confirm that they are aware but have found no reason to take any action as the parked car has not broken any motoring laws.

Sadly, therefore, we are unable to take any action with vehicles parked without any apparent reason unless the owners have broken a motoring offence

The vehicle remains parked on Fixby Lane, we understand that the Police will be contacting the registered owners to ask when the vehicle will be removed.

The vehicle remains fully insured, MOT and Road Tax paid, whilst this remains the Police are unable to take any action to remove the vehicle