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The Grange Moor Community Association aims to promote and develop a community spirit across all residents and businesses of Grange Moor
The Community Association is a “not for profit” organisation and all money raised is used to fund projects for the benefit of everyone living and working in Grange Moor


 In 2016 we installed a Defibrillator for emergency use in the village. We were able to secure a matched grant from Kirkburton Parish Council which enabled us to purchase, install and run training and explanation evening. The defibrillator is sited on the rear wall of the Bowling Club pavilion

In the event of an emergency and access being required, ring the emergency services. Tell them where you and they will give you an access code to open the box and withdraw the defibrillator. They will advise you to stay on line and talk you through the use of the machine until the ambulance arrives. There is also an audio commentary with the machine to assist


The Miniature Park is situated next to the Bowling Green by The Grange Pub
It has been available for village use since 1932, but has not been used for more than 50 years
We are looking at bringing this back to life as a place where residents can spend time in a quiet and tranquil setting right in the centre of our Village
We now have plans to refurbish the Park to achieve this aim, with the addition of a number of benches to provide the seating. These benches will be available to residents to remember loved ones, particularly those with affection for this village and remembered by many of our residents.
The refurbished Park will be laid out for low maintenance, with paths allowing access for wheelchairs and pushchairs giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy this quiet place from time to time.
Our plans include the opportunity for residents to get involved with the preparation and planting of the site, and in the ongoing maintenance of the site once completed.
The plans also include the planting of plants and flowers to attract wildlife and birds and encourage nature to be part of this
There is work that we cannot easily complete ourselves, for which we will have to employ contractors and equipment to complete the work for us. This comes at a cost and we are looking for funding to help with this from a wide range of sources. We already have some funds from our fund raising activities last year, and will be looking to raise funds ourselves during this year, but will need more money to achieve our aim of refurbishing the Park.
We are calling this “The Big Project”, because it is just that. The biggest project that the Community Association has so far undertaken.
We are looking to give residents the chance to get involved with this and will really appreciate offers of help for you to help us achieve this Community Project.

We need money, and donations will be much appreciated, look out for more information on how you can do this.
Donations of plants, bird tables and other items that may add to the peaceful surroundings of the Park.
Practical help, can you come along and give some time to help prepare the Park for the development of the site.
Practical help in giving some time to help keep the Park clean and tidy once completed.
Offers to provide Memorial Benches for placing in the Park. We have several sources for providing the benches, if you would like to remember a loved one with a bench in the Park we would love to hear from you.
Look out for more information about how you can help, if you would like to be kept informed of how work is progressing why not sign up for our e-mail alerts (see “How to contact us” on either this web site or in our regular Newsletter).
Come along and have a chat and look at our plans when you join us for a coffee at one of the coffee mornings coming up in the next few months – 14 March in the Bowling Club Pavilion is the first one, so see you there


Please get in touch if you would like to help with this.
Look out for more details in the next few weeks.
Looking towards The Grange Starting the work
Reducing the weeds




The Shelter on Liley Lane, across the road from the Church, has been there for a long time and some may have memories of this being used as a bus shelter for children waiting for their bus to take them to school

The shelter has long fallen out of use and is now in a sad state of poor repair and could be dangerous if anyone was to climb onto the roof. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS



We have been discussing what we can do with this with Kirklees Council for nearly 18 months now. Unfortunately there are issues relating to ownership, maintenance and insurance liabilities that have proved more difficult than we anticipated. A meeting of the Association on 21 February 2017 concluded that we could not continue with this project. A unanimous vote confirmed our position not to proceed any further. Consequently the Council will now be coming along to demolish the structure


These projects cost money to develop and complete

The Summer & Christmas Fayres we have run have helped to raise funds, but this will not be enough to fund the above projects, as well as other future projects that we may look at.
We have to look at other ways of raising money to make things happen
We will be applying for grants from the local and parish councils to assist with this but will still need to raise money ourselves to make things happen
We welcome individual donations. If you would like to help us with this, please get in touch to discuss how this can be done. We will be really pleased to have your involvement with this
As mentioned above we will be pleased to consider requests to place a “memorial” bench in the refurbished Miniature Memorial Park, please get in touch – see our contact page for details

If you run a business would you like to become a sponsor for a project or a village activity and help us cover the costs of the works that we feel we need to undertake to provide benefits for all who live and work in our beautiful village


Last updated 13/3/2018