Grange Moor Matters

​​​​​Grange Moor Community Association


The Grange Moor Community Association are pleased to offer residents the opportunity to place a Memorial Bench on the newly created Miniature Memorial Park in the village
We have secured a deal for the supply of the benches in either a 2 or 3 seat option from Thornton Fencing in Huddersfield.

And have also arranged for someone to secure these benches to the ground and also have sourced a plaque for fitting to the bench with you own message
The fitting of the benches will not be done until the end of June, as this is when the person fitting will be next available
The package price for the benches is

2 Seater – £260

3 Seater - £312

Specification information – Dimensions

Height Depth Length

2 Seater 104 CM (3ft 5”) 66 CM (2ft 2”) 118 CM (3ft 10”)

3 Seater 104 CM (3ft 5”) 66 CM (2ft 2”) 169 CM (5ft 6”)


Basic Price Fixing Name Plaque Total

to ground

2 Seater £145 £75 £40 (engraved) £260

3 Seater £197 £75 £40 (engraved) £312

You can order a bench now to place a memorial to a loved in our very own Memorial Park, request your order form from us at or ring Brian on 01924 840731 or 0793 539 0673 )

We have been unable to find any insurance arrangements for the benches, our own insurance brokers have made enquiries on our behalf and have been unable to find any insurer willing to take on this risk