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JUNE 2020




As everyone will now be aware Travellers returned to Grange Moor, moving onto the land behind Grameen Spice.


This is Council owned land, and the Council were contacted at a very early stage and have confirmed that the legal process to evict the Travellers has commenced


We understand from our 3 Councillors (who are working together on our behalf) that the Council Leaders seem to be misinterpreting government guidelines on who they should proceeds. The Council Leaders are being pressed to get on with this and have been provided with other legal advice about they should proceed and move quickly to eviction


This is a rapidly evolving situation, you should perhaps look on Community Face Book for more update posting from Councillor Richard Smith about this


In the meantime, residents should report anything of an anti-social nature or concerns about the travellers to the Police on 101


More up to date information will be provided by separate dedicated e-mails, if you are not on our mailing list please get in touch to add your contact details (




Examiner article Monday 15 June, in case you have not seen this sad report



This beautiful deer died after he was hit by a vehicle on a country lane near Huddersfield.

The roe deer buck was hit on Liley Lane, near Grange Moor, on Monday morning.

While it is believed the driver did not stop, a passing motorist reported the accident while the deer was still alive.

The incident was attended by Kirklees wildlife police officer PC Caroline Newsome.

PC Newsome warned drivers to watch out for wild animals which may have wandered onto normally busy roads which have been quieter during the coronavirus lockdown.



The stricken stag in the back of PC Newsome's car (Image: PC Caroline Newsome)

This also followed the death of a large (12kg) badger which was killed by a vehicle on Leeds Road, Deighton, Huddersfield, on Monday morning.

PC Newsome said: "We can't say for certain if either of the vehicles involved were speeding, but we would just ask motorists to be mindful of wildlife crossing the roads.





Joanne tells us that she will be reopening soon, not sure just when but they are ready to go when given permission.

Clients can always get in touch with Joanne by social media, Instagram & Facebook or text 07796367233 to make advance appointments


It will be great to have you back open again Joanne, best of luck in the “new normal”





All Community Association events and activities are still suspended where social distancing and closure of premises applies.


The Community Association continue to provide support for residents to assist with the restrictions placed on some residents. We have Community Volunteers providing assistance with things like food shopping and collecting repeat prescriptions from doctor’s surgeries


We have been looking at ways of providing somethings for residents which can be done without actively bringing people together. With this in mind we have provided 54 Fish & Chip meals this week (Wednesday 17 June) for those who have been self-isolating or shielding and provided some meals


The latest Newsletter, sent our via e-mail to avoid risks of contact for our distributors, made a number of suggestions of things that we are looking at, with your support. So please let us know if there is anything else we can do


We will resume our group activities just as soon as we can, this will be dependent on government advice and guidance. We will not put any of our residents at risk of this infection which means we will have to wait until it is absolutely safe to resume our activities


In the meantime we continue to work on issues affecting our village, please do not delay in letting us know of anything that needs our attention





From Graeme Gardi,


The community choir continues online via the Zoom video conferencing app. It's open for anyone to join and it certainly gives people something productive to do on Tuesday evenings from 7pm, and provides some much needed, light hearted social interaction and conversation as well as singing.


If people would like to join in from the comfort of their own homes, they just need an internet connection and the free Zoom app.


If they email me at


Graeme can send them the invite to make it easy to join us.


And don’t forget Graeme’s Friday Night Live at 8.00 pm




Our Face Book now carries information about all our events and activities, please visit our pages and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village




With Council Staff working from home and many being diverted onto Covid 19 related duties there is little to report from the various items that we have ongoing with the Council

MISSING STREET SIGN – BEN BOOTH LANE – Some people may have noticed that the street sign at the junction of Ben Booth Lane and Wakefield Road has dis-appeared. There was no trace of the sign or the stands so we do not know what has happened to it. Anybody know anything about it? A new sign has been ordered but this may take some sign to arrive.

FOOTPATHS – There has been little activity clearing footpaths, although we are hopeful that the Council may be going to complete the footpaths on Liley Lane, which they started before the current restrictions were imposed

VILLAGE CHRISTMAS TREE – we are conversation with the Council about a new site for the Christmas Tree in the last few weeks, and hope to bring some news about this in the near future

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA – there seems to be little going on with this at the moment. The Council did state earlier in the year that local consultations will take place after the may local elections. These, of course, have been put back to May 2021, so we ‘re hoping that this will not also apply to the consultations

PLANNING APPLICATIONS – 2019/62/93978/8/E – change of use from woodland to wedding venue at Cockley Wood. This was refused at the Planning Meeting on 2 June. A number of issues were cited by the Council for their decision, for more information visit the Council web site, Planning Applications and read for yourself.




Please continue  to look at for your neighbours in these difficult times


There are some of our resident’s living alone and may not be using any form of technology, and may not speak to another person for days


Take the time to make sure they are okay and see if they need help, and please keep them informed that there is help available in the village, sometimes it is not that easy to ask. We are not living in normal times, so please, please encourage them to ask for help





Please remember to keep our village clean and tidy, and clear up after your dog


The dogs cannot do this themselves so please be a responsible owner and do it for them


Thanks to everyone for their help with this, please carry on keep the village clean and tidy, appreciated by the many but spoilt by the few




We still want your comments and views on the traffic on Liley Lane, please send these to us at gramoorca@btinternet.


As far as we are aware there have no further incidents recently although the sound of motorbikes on Liley Lane can be heard frequently, last weekend being the most recent. The Police have been informed




The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team


Our beat officers are  PC 4963 NEWSOME and PC 786 Jake KNIGHT.


PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer


Please continue to use the 101 telephone number to contact the Police for non-urgent issues and 999 for emergency assistance


Please visit the Community Concerns tab on this web site for more information and contact details




Little change with this, Grameen Spice remains closed and information about what comes next with the building is still awaited


If the bins are full, call the number and ask them to come and empty them. The company are usually very good and responded to our recent to empty the bins, and it appeared that even cleaned up the ground as well when it was pointed that failure to empty the bins when asked gave some people the opportunity to just dump their glass


A word from Drum Bike (Community Face Book – 17 June) to remind people about this

I know we got more pressing issues in the village at the moment but please don't leave your empty glass bottles next to the recycle bins if they're full!!! Noticed the other day and more bottles have been left since. I've brought mine home to dispose of another time. Please do what I did and ring the number on the bins. They come out within days. I rang a month ago and they were emptied and I've rung them again today. It's sooo easy. It's not fair on the kind people who cleaned up the site last year. Sorry I've forgotten who you are. Please wait until they've been emptied . Thank you x


Thanks Drum Bike, residents please take note





Please continue to keep a watchful eye open around the village


We do seem to have escaped the worst of fly tipping whilst the Council tips were closed.


Please, in addition to letting Councillor Bill Armer know, tell us as well. We are keeping a record of how much fly tipping takes place in and around the village, thank, so please let us know if you see anything around the village





The “May” Newsletter has gone out via e-mail this time to avoid the risk of contact for our loyal band of distributors, hope everyone got their copies without any difficulty


Thank you for forwarding copies onto other people that has been really appreciated


We hope that we will be able to return to the normal paper copies at the end of August


The Newsletter is usually delivered by a dedicated group of Association Members and residents to nearly 500 homes in the village, and we hope to return to this as soon as it is safe to do so


If anyone else would like to help us out with delivering this Newsletter we will be pleased to hear from you.





This may be of interest  to some


National Trust tell us that next week is National Picnic Week

“Next week is National Picnic Week so why not surprise your family and friends with some homemade treats? We’ve got lots of mouth-watering recipes, from bite-sized savoury snacks such as sausage rolls and mini quiches, to sweet and scrumptious white chocolate and raspberry mini sponges”

If you want to know more about this and what the National Trust is doing visit their web site


How to Contact us


E-mail us


Via the web site


Community Association Face Book


The “Community Association Post Boxes” in Grange Moor Fisheries, Grange Moor Convenience Stores, The Grange, or Streakers, hairdressers. These Community Post Boxes are not currently available. If you want to leave a written note please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Community Association Meetings are currently suspended and will resume as soon as we are able to meet again


Ring Brian on 01924 840731