Here are the latest updates for residents of Grange Moor


Great news for all your fish & chip lovers, George is back frying in Grange Moor, permanently and full time. Really pleased to see you back, Geroge you have been missed

And don’t forget about their special offer at the moment, Small Fish & Chips with any sauce for just £4.50, sounds good

So why not go along, get your fish & chips welcome George back


We have already let know about the new Notice Board which is located in the Miniature Memorial Park on Briestfield Road. This will now be the place to go to for information about events and activities in the village as well any other information posters.

If you have been to have a look you will have noticed that the board is empty! Sorry about this, we are still waiting for the keys from the Parish Council (who have very kindly provided this notice board) and hope that we will have the keys shortly so that we can start putting up information.


You may recall that we mentioned last month that Kirklees Council have decided that they will not provide free Christmas Trees as they have done in the past. We were, however, pleased to let you know that Kirkburton Parish Council are digging deep into their own funds and will be providing Grange Moor with a Christmas Tree as usual. Many thanks to the Parish Council for coming to our rescue on this, and our Parish Councillors Marjorie Wheelhouse and Claire Voyce for their help in this. We hope to see the Village Christmas Tree going up shortly, and don’t worry if the lights do not go on immediately. A separate team of Council Workers should follow shortly after and install the lights.


A resident has contacted us to inform that she has unfortunately received unwelcome guests in her loft in her loft in the form of “some very big rats” following the recent drop in temperatures. Kirklees Council Pest Control are involved, and she just wanted residents to be reminded that these creatures are always around and ask that we all take a little more care with our rubbish and make sure that bin lids are firmly closed to reduce any encouragement to the rodents. The resident has noticed some of the creatures “running across to the children’s play area, which is isn’t great for the kids”

We are all asked to be little more vigilant and to check our own properties to make sure we are not , in adherently, inviting them to take up residence in our homes!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention


Could we ask people to make sure they wear something light coloured or reflective so that they can be seen by car drivers when dog walking in the dark on Denby Lane, Ben Booth, Sowood etc. It’s coming to that time of year again! (thanks to a concerned resident for timely reminder)


(Repeated from last month)

We have arrived at a critical point in this project, last November we had a fantastic turnout of residents for our first clearance session and made a big impression on the site. Subsequent clearances were less well supported and the last session had only one resident join us.

The summer growth has shown how quickly nature can reclaim this site, and this has prevented us from make any real clearance effort over the summer months. There is no help from the Council in clearing this summer growth and being unable to use power tools ourselves has meant that we have been unable to make any more improvement in the appearance of the site over the summer months

We have carried out another assessment of where we stand and what we need to do to maintain the clearance of the site that we achieved over the winter months last year, and prevent natural growth taking over once again. We need a regular maintenance session, probably once a month, and have, therefore, to ask for volunteers to commit to this if we are going to have any chance of containing growth in the future, and this means having a presence on the site every four weeks or so from now on.

We have a number of volunteers who offered their help when we started this clearance work and have now to ask if you are willing to sign up for a regular

maintenance session, if enough residents sign up we would, hopefully, not have to call on you all every month but it would be really good to know that we have a team available to us each month. If this is not achievable, then we will have to abandon this project and let nature take its course

It’s up to you now, so let’s hear from you

E-mail us at or ring Brian on 01924 840731 or 0793 539 0673


The hospitality sector has suffered a big downturn in business since Covid with fewer people eating and drinking out (the need to regularly empty the recycling bins in the village being an example of the latter!) and the local pubs and restaurants are not exempt from this trend.

Please support our local pubs and restaurant and help to keep them going, more and more pubs are closing down, so please think about visiting one or more of our locals, USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM!


St Bartholomew's Church on Liley Lane supports a food bank in Dalton. Members of the church bring tinned and other non-perishable food items, as well as toiletries like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, nappies and sanitary products, and we put them in an orange basket in church. When the basket is full, we take it to the food bank at the Greenfields Centre in Dalton. If you would like to contribute to the Greenfields Centre foodbank, you can take your items directly there (they are on Dalton Green Lane, just opposite the junction of Dalton Green Lane and Cross Green Road); their phone number is 01484 300970. Alternatively, you can bring your items to St Bartholomew's between 10am and 10.20am, or between 11.45am and 12 noon, every Sunday, and the Church will ensure that your gifts get to the food bank. Thank you.

SID – Briestfield Road

We have no further information about this at the present time



The Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Middlestown Medical Centre is Meeting again and is active in surgery life at Middlestown Medical Centre

The PPG is the representative voice for patients at the Surgery and works closely with the Practice and other surgeries in Wakefield NHS to look after the interests of patients. I am Vice Chair of the Group and am aware that the surgery has a large number of residents in Grange Moor registered as patients at Middlestown,

if anyone has any issues concerning the Practice  that they would like raising with the PPG please get in touch with me using my e-mail address, telephone numbers the same as shown for the Community Association. Brian Coleman

The Practice now has a new web site up and running, do go and visit it and find out more about the Practice

FLU JABS NOW AVAILABLE are now available for patients of Middlestown Medical Centre at Middlestown Pharmacy who are offering a walk-in service


MEMORIAL WALL – We are pleased to let you know that we have decided to install a “Memorial Wall” in the Miniature Park, and residents will be able to place a plaque in remembrance of a loved one. We are doing this now so that future residents will be able to add their remembrance plaques when the time is right for them. Please get in touch with us ( if you would like to have more details of what is available

WILDLIFE GARDEN – (repeated from last month)

With construction of the Miniature Memorial Park finished and Memorial Benches installed we can now turn our attention to the Wild Life Garden which is behind the fence and is currently overgrown and waiting for some action to bring it to life

We have given some thought to this project and have created the Park for the benefit of the Community, and we would now like to offer community involvement in the creation and maintenance of the Wild Life Garden.

We would like to hear from residents who might like to be involved in this, we are also looking at the possibility of setting up a new group to provide the support for this and the Miniature Park in the future and give those interested the opportunity to have a hand in this part of the project from day 1

We are conscious that our current Members are not getting any younger and would really like to be able to pass this responsibility onto a younger generation ensuring that the Park and Wild Life Garden will be cared for and maintained for future generations of Grange Moor residents to share in and enjoy


Thank you for your support for our events and activities, we have more planned for the rest of the year, full details will appear on our monthly Events and Activities update

Coffee @ The Pavilion – come and join us on the third Wednesday of the

month for coffee, conversation and company. Each month we have an invited guest joining us to share in our conversations and provide information and insight on a variety of topics, see our Events and Activities updates for more information.

We had a very interesting and informative morning with Carers Count in October, for those of you who may be unfamiliar with this organisation they are there to provide support to anyone who has a care responsibility for someone else and this includes anyone who is not registered as a carer. They are providing us with more information which we can circulate to you and which may be of interest to anyone who looks after another person in whatever capacity. Please see attached the Carers Count Newsletter 36 attached for much more information, there is quite a lot of information in there

More information about events with Carer Count will appear in our Events and Activities update which will follow in a few days’ time

We were also pleased to welcome the people from The Kirkwood Support Life last week for our November Coffee Morning and again were brought up to date with their activities which includes a brand-new feature, a video showcasing their Kirkwood Choir, well worth a listen to the “making of documentary” to learn more about this fantastic initiative which started in the midst of the Covid Pandemic

“my pride and joy - our two videos. I'd watch them in this order as one tells the story of the other:

Click this link for It Must Be Love- Making of documentary ( 6 mins long)

Click this link for It Must Be Love by The Kirkwood Chorus - music video

Please watch and share - it will help us so much to dispel the myths.

If anyone wishes buy a copy of the single as a way of donating 69p  to The Kirkwood, the link is here 🙂

It Must Be Love by The Kirkwood Chorus on Amazon Music -”

There will also be other information from Kirkwood about their activities and this will appear in our events and activities update which is due out in the next few days

AND DON’T FORGET the re-arranged Visit from Age UK who were unable to join us for the September coffee morning. This has now been re-arranged for Monday 27 November, in The Bowling Club Pavilion from 10.00 am

The November Coffee Morning will have taken place when you receive this update with our guest from The Kirkwood. Our guest for the Coffee morning on 20 December will be Councilor Bill Armer, our local Kirklees Councilor

COMMUNITY FISH & CHIPS – Our next delivery, the last for 2023, will be on Thursday 30 November and you still have chance to make a nomination or request a delivery for yourself, closing date is Friday 24 November (Tea Time)

Our first delivery in 2024 is planned for Thursday 18 January, more details in our Events and Activities Update

We want to remind residents that the Community Fish & Chips are available to all residents of Grange Moor, there are no eligibility requirements and accepting a nomination will not deprive another resident of a delivery neither is there any limit on the number of deliveries you can request

If anyone would like to make a donation to help support this fabulous project, please do get in touch. Our costs have increased and are likely to increase further next year, so any help we can get to maintain these deliveries will be much appreciated

Grateful thanks to everyone who has donated in the past, your help is much appreciated

We are also really proud that this service appears to be unique to our village, as we are not aware of any other Community Group providing Community Fish & Chips”!

The RESIDENTS LUNCH CLUB –  Our next Residents Lunch Club event will our Residents Christmas Lunch on Thursday 14 December at The Kaye Arms. Members Priority Booking is now available, with general bookings open on Monay 27 December for which booking forms are now available. More information available in our Events & Activities update due out in a few days’ time

Not a Member of The Resident’s Lunch Club?  Why not sign up and be among the first to know about our Plans and have priority booking, just drop us an e-mail - to find more and register. Lunch Club. Membership numbers are now growing so don’t miss out on one of our lunches by not being registered as a Member

The Grange Moor Residents Lunch Club is primarily aimed at bringing residents, who are regularly around the village during the week, together over a shared meal as part of our programme of bringing people together

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETINGS – Meetings are usually on the first Tuesday of the month in The Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm .

SCOUT WORLD JAMOREE – We were pleased to welcome Nihar Christison and his parents before the November Community Association Meeting, and hear all about his time at the World Scout Jamboree earlier this year. Thanks to Nihar for a very interesting and information presentation

KIRKBURTON PARISH COUNCIL -The parish Council have now produced their annual report which is available to view on their web site. We are pleased to see that the Parish Council have included an item from ourselves (concerning the success of our Community Fish & Chip Delivery, which is financially supported by the Parish Council) which appears on page 11 of the report


We are aware of concerns of litter left around the village raised on the Community Face Book, although we have not received any direct concerns over


We want to thank individual residents who are helping to keep our streets clear of litter and would ask residents not to drop any litter, please take your litter home and put it in your own bin and help to keep our streets clean and free of litter


We have just received a report of fly tipping at the bus shelter on Wakefield Road by the Blacksmiths Arms with a number of black bin liners and TV dumped there.

In 2022 we received 21 reports of fly tipping in and around the village, the good news is that this was down on the previous year when we had a high of 28 reports received. So far this year we have only received eith reports of fly tipping incidents, one of which was technically not actually in Grange Moor Ward (Fixby Road which is in Dewsbury South Ward)

The total for 2023 now stands at 8



The service operated by South Pennine Community Transport has now been running for over a year and as far as we are aware is providing the useful link to Middletown for the Doctors there, Horticentre and The Mining Museum

We have not yet had copies of the printed timetable from the bus company but have some printed copies extracted from their web site, if anyone would like a copy please get in touch

We will be really pleased to hear from any of you using this service of your experience, please get in touch


A reminder to visit their web site ( and see what services are available, and what help and support may be there for you, or someone you may know

Please also remember that, the Transport Service offered by TIMEtogether is available to those of you who may need help with transport to reach appointments or go shopping, visit their web site for more information about this or ring them on 01484 860077

If anyone out there is able to offer their service as a Volunteer Driver for their Transport Service, please get in touch with them, they are looking for volunteers in our area to provide this service for our residents and those who live nearby.

We understand from them that they have received some offers of help from local residents, so a big thank you to them

TIMEtogether is the operating name of The Denby Dale Centre to reflect the expansion of its activities to much of Kirklees and well beyond the original base area of Denby Dale.


The Mobile Post Office Van continues to visit Grange Moor and will continue every Wednesday morning with the big red Post Office van at the Grange from 10.45 to 11.45 am

Please support this, a wide range of post office facilities are available from the friendly and helpful staff who come with the van

There will be the odd occasions when for reasons out of our control the van will not be able to come into the village. If we become aware of any such occasions we will try and let you know

BOOK BOXES on Ben Booth Lane

Thank you to everyone who has used and supported this, this will continue whilst there is demand and support from you, the Residents of Grange Moor. Please leave any books you wish to add to our collection in a plastic carrier bag by the boxes or against the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane. So far in 2023 we have received 95 bags of books, contents vary from just a couple of books to as many as 10 or 15 books, thanks to all concerned for  their support

We have found that the books you mainly want to read are crime and historical novels, romance novels, children’s books and hard back novels, so please keep bringing them coming in. We are getting low on children’s books, if you could bear this in mind when clearing out your children’s book this will be much appreciated

We are currently unable to offer any children’s books as another box has succumbed to the weather with the lid breaking up and no longer keeping the rain out (and there has been a lot of that recently!). We are looking for another box that we can use and hope to have this sorted and ready for use in the New Year – we will be using the box that currently has hard back books for our collection of Christmas themed books which will be out next month

In the last 3 years we have had one box taken by a Charity Collection, yes the box and all the books in the box were taken!  Another was smashed into tiny pieces by a delivery van and the lids of several have now suffered from the weather and shattered and have had to be replaced

Consequently, we do not put the boxes out when a charity collection is expected or bad weather is expected.

With Autumn now upon and winter just round the corner the hours of daylight are fast reducing, the boxes will be staying out for the hours of daylight and will be brought indoors earlier as the hours of daylight shorten

We will continue to put them out every day, but may have to keep them indoors when the weather is bad (which has become a bit more a problem recently!) or when a Charity Collection is due and occasionally the books will take a break!

The books will be taking a break over Christmas and New Year, but we will be bringing out our selection of Christmas Books at the beginning of December


Our own Face Book, and web site now carries information about all our events and activities, and other issues affecting the village together with Public Service Information, so please pay a visit and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village through our Face Book page and also the web site


We continue to welcome new residents into the village,

With house sales now slowing down and fewer houses up for sale there are fewer new residents moving in , please let us know when someone new moves in next door

We have prepared a welcome pack to help new residents settle into the village, and can deliver this to them. One of the things we do is offer an invite to take part in the next Community Fish & Chip delivery as a welcome to our village)



We are now starting to see changes in the levels of service that the Council is able to provide, and expect this to be norm for this year and the coming years. News coming from the Council is not encouraging with mention recently that Cleckheaton Town Hall may be closed for the time being to save on costs

Kirklees Council had to find £10M in savings in the last financial year (to 5 April 2023), and have to find a further £30M in the current financial year. It has also been reported that there are growing staff shortages and, with a ban on recruitment currently in place it is looking likely that the services we receive from the Council are likely to suffer. Maintenance of Council properties is already showing signs of slowing down, repairs and renewals are also likely to take longer

BEDFORD AVENUE SHOP – Councillor Bill Armer “informs us that, not having found a commercial tenant for the former Post Office, the council is now actively considering converting the premises for housing. He expects that a planning application will come forth in due course, probably next year".

FLOODING – We had no further reports on this, until the morning of Friday 20 October when the persistent heavy rain from storm Babet produced a flurry of reports on the local face book and other media sites of many flooded areas. Fortunately, the local flooding on Ben Booth Lane receded quite quickly although we understand that there was further flooding on Denby Grange Lane which has prompted further investigation by Kirklees Council

POT HOLES  - Little to report on this issue, except that we may have to wait longer for any new pot holes to be repaired,. There does not appear to have been much done to repair the pot holes around the village

GRASS CUTTING – We now understand that grass cutting will now be done less frequently, and from the comments that have appeared on the Community Face Book the standard of the work actually being done leaves much to be desired.

PLAY AREA CONSULTATION – We are told that the Council are still pursuing the improvement of the Children’s Play Area on Liley Lane, although this may be delayed further following the cut back to Council services. We are still waiting for further information on this

TREE CUTTING – We have no further news on the Council’s present position with regard to tree cutting back, but do know that Forestry do have a large back log of work to do which is not going to made any easier by the Council cutting back on staff and prohibiting new recruit leaving existing staff with bigger workloads. We have also had a concern from a resident whose property is adjacent to Council owned land (Housing) who is having a problem with an overhanging tree, unfortunately the Council are refusing to cut back the tree, but with Councillor Bill Armer’s help been able to provide the resident with information about what he is able to do, legally, about this. A bit more complicated than the space we have here but we have been able to answer the residents’ concerns and provide information that we believe will be helpful in solving his problem

DOG POO  - We are aware of concerns being raised on Face Book about dog poo bags being left lying around and in one case dumped over a wall and into a private garden. It is really good that dog owners actually clear up after their dog, but what a shame they cannot then use the bins that are provided around the village, or take it home and put in their own bin.

Dog Wardens are now patrolling our streets, offering advice to dog walkers with the power to take action against the offenders

We appreciate that the majority of our dog owning residents do clean up after their own dogs, it is still the minority who show no respect for the rest of us and expect someone to clean up after them, PLEASE USE THE BINS PROVIDED

You have been warned! So come everyone please get on board and let’s clean the village of the unsightly and potentially dangerous piles of dog poo.

SPEEDING ON LILEY LANE  & BRIESTFIELD ROAD  - We have heard no further reports of any incidents on Liley Lane

Please let us know of any experience you have of using this road

VEHICLE MEETS ON JUBILEE WAY - This continues to be a source of nuisance to residents, but as far as we aware the Police continue to monitor the activity on Jubilee Way, and similar activity in another 5 sites around Kirklees.


The bins remain on the forecourt of the Grameen Spice building, on the of the pavement and road side, it is even more important now that glass is not left if the bins are full, as glass left on the ground will now be regarded as fly tipping. It is a busy corner and used by lots of people, including dog walkers so please help to keep this clear of glass

PLEASE BE PATIENT IF THE BINS ARE FULL AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS WITH BOTTLES, come back later, contractors usually come along quickly and empty the bins.

The contractors have put a note on each bin that if one bin is full you can use one of the other bins that are not full

Please ring the contractors, 01226 727298, if the bins are full and need emptying. DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT! They usually do respond quite quickly and empty the bins


The November newsletter is now out for delivery and may even have arrived through your letter box when you read this e-mail. This includes information about a variety of items with a seasonal theme, where to eat a Christmas Lunch, Band Concerts and seasonal greetings from local business thanking residents for their support during 2023, together with lots of information about the Community Association events and activities, hope you enjoy the read

Our next Newsletter is due out at the end of February, and we welcome information about events and activities that you may be planning in March, April and May.

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our team of volunteers, for helping us to get the Newsletter to you, and will be really pleased to hear from anyone else out there who would like to help. The more helpers we have the easier it will be to make deliveries with shorter rounds.  Thanks to those of you who have already offered help.

We currently deliver to 438 homes in the village, as well through other village organisations, shops and pubs, and some by e-mail


DENBY LANE DEVLOPMENT – We have now had sight of the proposed plan for the site on Denby Lane. The developer, Yorkshire Country Properties Ltd, are planning to build 10 bungalows on the site, some 2 and 3 bed properties with a reasonable sized garden and garage. They are looking to build quality homes in a modern design to complement the existing properties in the village. They are hoping to submit their plans to the Council by the end of November when you will be able to view the detailed plans on the Council Planning web Site.

GRAMEEN SPICE DEVELOPMENT – There is no further information about the planning permission for this application, we understand that the agreement for the S106 developer costs for local infrastructure and facilities is delaying this this at the present time


No new planning applications have appeared on the Council Web Site since our October update

You can visit the Kirklees Council Web Site, Planning Applications for more information on planning applications


The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team

PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer

Please continue to use the 101-telephone number, this can be a little difficult, so you are advised to use the on-line reporting form at which (we are told) will be dealt with quicker than the telephone service. There is also “live chat” available from the web site, this is manned is 24 hours a day. (PC Caroline Newsome 20 July 2022)

How to Contact us

E-mail us

Via the web site

Community Association Face Book

If you want to leave a written note, please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Ring Brian on 01924 840731

Community Association Meeting are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm, except during the summer months when Meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month, more information on 2024 dates will follow

The next Community Association Meeting will be on Tuesday 5 December2023 in The Bowling Club Pavilion (7.30 pm),

Take care and stay safe

Grange Moor Matters

​​​​​Grange Moor Community Association