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Bonfire Night is fast approaching, and this year it may be much different to past years. Large organised fires may not be around this year as a result of the social distancing rules. This may encourage more people to go out and buy fireworks to use in their own gardens


Please be aware of the traumatic effect that some of the loud fireworks have on your pets and on very young children who have yet to learn about fireworks and their noise. Dogs, in particularly can find bonfire night (which sometimes can last for several days and this year may be no exception as Bonfire Night is on a Thursday) very upsetting and difficult to handle.


Do enjoy yourself, keep safe and look after your children but do give a thought to those who do not find Bonfire Night such an appealing time, and please be aware of the time when setting of your fireworks to prevent upset and annoyance to others


MINIATURE PARK, Briestfield Road


You may have noticed that the Miniature Park has now been cleared and work should start in the near future with the laying out the new park. More information about this to follow


WASTE BIN on Briestfield Road


The waste bin has disappeared from the bus stop by the Miniature Park site on Briestfield Road


We have now received this response from Councillor Bill Armer who looked into this on our behalf


“The Team Leader from Waste Recycling and Transport has informed us that he spoke to gsd who confirmed that the bin has been removed. It was found to be in a bad state of repair. The bin/area has been added to bin exchange program with priority status.”


In the meantime, please do not drop rubbish over the wall into the Miniature Park, this has just been cleared and is free of rubbish, please help us to keep it this way





With the continuing rules restricting meeting up it looks unlikely that we will be able to offer any events where we come together until sometime next year


In the meantime, we continue to look at things that we can do and will let you know of anything that comes up


If you have ideas yourself that you would like to share with us please do get in touch





Sunday Services at 10.30 am continue regularly once again and you are invited to  join them whilst respecting social distancing





From Graeme Genty,


The community choir continues online via the Zoom video conferencing app. It's open for anyone to join and it certainly gives people something productive to do on Tuesday evenings from 7pm, and provides some much needed, light hearted social interaction and conversation as well as singing.


If people would like to join in from the comfort of their own homes, they just need an internet connection and the free Zoom app.


If they email me at


Graeme can send them the invite to make it easy to join us.


And don’t forget Graeme’s Friday Night Live at 8.00 pm




Our Face Book now carries information about all our events and activities, and other issues affecting the village so please visit our pages and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village




With Council Staff still working from home and many being diverted onto Covid 19 related duties there is little to report from the various items that we have ongoing with the Council

FOOTPATHS – As far as we are aware all work on local footpaths is up to date, if you spot something that needs looking at please get in touch, with one exception on Liley Lane which Councillor Bill Armer is dealing at the present time

VILLAGE CHRISTMAS TREE – The new site has been agreed, as mentioned in the August Newsletter and will be in place for the Christmas Tree in December

CHILDREN’S PLAY AREA – We understand from Kirklees that they are working on the Play Area consultation, and hope to bring the Grange Moor provisions forward as a priority". We are still waiting to hear further about this

FLOODING – The work done at the Ben Booth Lane / Wakefield Road appears to have held well after the recent heavy rain. The junction of Denby Grange Lane and Denby Lane does, however, appear to continue to present problems which have been reported to the Council and we await further word from them about further work.


BBC NEWS 16 October

Saturday 3 October was the wettest day for UK-wide rainfall since records began in 1891, Met Office researchers have said.

The downpour followed in the wake of Storm Alex and saw an average of 31.7mm (1.24ins) of rain across the entire UK.

The deluge was enough to exceed the capacity of Loch Ness - the largest lake in the UK by volume - the researchers added.

The previous record wettest day was 29 August 1986.


Councillor Bill Amer asks for residents to report any blocked roadside drains to him, prevention being preferable to flooding. Best to include road name and nearest junction/lamppost number or house number if possible






We have received concerns about roadside car parking around the village and the difficulties that this is causing to wheelchair users and push chairs


We know that village streets are not that wide and not everyone is able to park on their driveway, but car owners are requested to park with care, and please bear in mind that some of residents with mobility issues and parents with push chairs need a little more room to pass safely on the pavement.


This continues to be a bit of problem so please do take care and park considerately for other road users and pedestrians





The current restrictions on meeting up may put some of our more elderly residents at risk of being isolated more than normally so please do continue to keep an eye out for your neighbours


There are some of our resident’s living alone who may not be using any form of technology, and may not speak to another person for days


Take the time to make sure they are okay and see if they need help, and please keep them informed that there is help available in the village, sometimes it is not that easy for them to ask for help. We are not living in normal times, so please, please encourage them to ask for help





Please remember to keep our village clean and tidy, and clear up after your dog


The dogs cannot do this themselves so please be a responsible owner and do it for them, please show some respect for other dog owners and our village


Thanks to everyone for their help with this, please carry on keep the village clean and tidy, appreciated by the many but spoilt by the few





We still need your comments and views on the traffic on Liley Lane, please send these to us at gramoorca@btinternet.


As far as we are aware there have no further incidents recently although the sound of motorbikes on Liley Lane can be heard frequently, last weekend being the most recent. The Police have been informed





The gates at the entrance to the car park has are currently closed with a strong lock and chain, and the bins remain behind the gate as an additional layer of security


The bins may remain there whilst the Council sort out further, more permanent, security measures at the field. We are waiting to hear from the Council about their plans to protect Council sites and understand that they may be looking at a new set standard across Kirklees which will probably mean it will take a little longer to complete the Sports filed behind Grameen spice.


In the meantime, the measures already taken will remain in place.


Please ring the contractors, 01226 727298, if they are full and need emptying, there do respond quite quickly


We are still looking for another site for the bins in the village so if you have any ideas let us know




Please continue to keep a watchful eye open around the village


We did have had a quiet period, free of fly tippers, whilst the council were closed, but have a number of incidents reported recently with a further one in the last few days


Please, in addition to letting Councillor Bill Armer know, tell us as well. We are keeping a record of how much fly tipping takes place in and around the village, thank, so please let us know if you see anything around the village


Can we give a little reminder to residents about dumping their garden cuttings on the verges of Ben Booth Lane? There is quite a lot of it and as we know the tips are open for this, or you could get a brown bin from the Council. This is residents who are doing this and they should have a better respect for where they live! This is actually fly tipping and we know what residents think about this, so do your bit please


COUNCIL TIPS – extract from Council Website


Kirklees web site


“As queues are back to normal for this time of year, we have stepped back on traffic management at our tips. This means we have taken the online queue checker down. Our sites are all open for essential waste, so only visit if you really need to. Please stay safe, keep following the rules and be kind”






The August Newsletter was delivered at the end of August, and a great big thank you for the responses received, in particular the generous offers of financial assistance for the Community Association which will be of enormous help to us.


The next Newsletter is due in November and will include our usual feature on Festive Food and drink.


If you run a Business in Grange Moor and would like to send a Christmas Greeting to your local customers please get in touch and see what we can do to help out with this


The Newsletter is delivered by a dedicated group of Association Members and residents to nearly 500 homes in the village, if anyone else would like to help to ensure delivery to their own immediate locality please do get in touch. We could do with another one or two more residents to help out with this if you would like to join us and help out. This will reduce the size of “delivery rounds” and mean even less work to deliver a number of Newsletters, so please do get in touch




The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team


Our beat officers are  PC 4963 NEWSOME and PC 786 Jake KNIGHT.


PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer


Please continue to use the 101 telephone number to contact the Police for non-urgent issues and 999 for emergency assistance


Our local Police team have provided some information, following the Travellers June visit for our August Newsletter


We are going to start a separate mailing with Police Alerts, so look out for these coming in the next week or two



How to Contact us


E-mail us


Via the web site


Community Association Face Book


The “Community Association Post Boxes” are located in Grange Moor Fisheries, Grange Moor Convenience Stores, The Grange, and Streakers, hairdressers. These Community Post Boxes are not currently available. If you want to leave a written note please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Community Association Meetings are currently suspended and will resume as soon as we are able to meet again safely and within Covid-19 rules





Ring Brian on 01924 840731