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March 2020




We are setting up a separate tab for this in view of the fast changing situation


A reminder please that we need to know who will be in self-isolation, we have a number of “goodie bags” available and would like to know where to deliver these bags.


We also would like to know of any residents in self-isolation who needs help with things like shopping and collecting medication. We have volunteers waiting to help out, thanks to them for this





The new Community Pop Choir now meet every Tuesday in the Richard Carter Community Centre at St James Church, Flockton, except for the first Tuesday in the month when rehersals are held at St Johns Church in Lepton


Sadly this is a victim of the coronavirus outbreak and rehearsals have been suspended


For more details about the Choir and future rehearsal dates contact Graeme at Keyofgofficial@gmail.com






The clean up will now unlikely to take place until September


In the meantime please remember that the clear up was requested by a resident, as it was felt it important to retain a clear view of the Shuttle Shaft memorial stone so it would be really good to have a bit more support from residents to achieve this


We are, therefore, now requesting residents to register their interest and support for this project so that when we get a new date later in the view we have some idea of who is able, and willing, to come along and give a hand


If there is little or no support we will have to re-consider the need to clear up this site and


On a more positive note residents may have noticed that all the advertising boards on the site have been removed, and what a difference this makes to the site. We also now have a link that will enable to have further signs removed should they re-appear.


Thanks again to Councillor Bill Armer for help is achieving this result






The bridleway was badly damaged by the storms earlier this year leaving them impassable in places

The Council have now completed their initial repairs to make the bridleway useable again, and further investigations into the drainage at the site are ongoing.

Let us know if you see aby further weather damage or problems with drainage

Thanks to Councillor Bill Armer for working with the Council to get this work done as a matter of urgency


Residents will have seen contractors at work at the junction with Wakefield Road over the last few weeks

Drainage has been improved and whilst not perfect the junction appears much improved with less standing water causing problems

There has been in the way of frost and ice so we may not yet know how well this aspect of the problem has been resolved

It will be helpful if residents who use this road regularly could let us their views on the work done and how effective this has been in resolving the problems

Again, we have to thank Councillor Bill Armer for his work with the Council to get this work done




The recent bad weather with storms Ciara and Denis have brought extreme weather conditions and widespread flooding to many areas, including the bridleway mentioned above.


We hope that the extreme weather conditions may now have passed with the spring now upon us and better weather may be just round the corner


If you any concerns about bad weather may affect you or want more information please contact https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/incidentsupport


Thanks to Councillor Bill Armer for this information




Our Face Book now carries information about all our events and activities, please visit our pages and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village



We are still waiting for the Council to get back to us with their suggestions about the new site for the Village Christmas Tree and will bring more information to you when we can



The Resident’s Lunch Club is another victim of the coronavirus outbreak

We managed the first “pilot” lunch in February at The Kaye Arms which was a great success but have to had cancel the other lunches

We will re-start these “pilot” lunches once we are able to arrange gatherings again




Our Coffee mornings have also fallen victim of the coronavirus outbreak


We have, however, been able to re-arrange the Yorkshire Ambulance Service visit to August, on the assumption that normal service will have resumed by then. We have been able to book this during the school summer holidays so that families with children will be able to come along and join in this





We are still looking into this, it may be delayed as we will not be holding our regular meetings for at least 3 months






We understand that the Shoulder of Mutton was due to open on 20 March which, sadly, was the day that pubs were closed own so we will have wait for a while to see what is happening down in Briestfield





The West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s community campaign ‘Looking out for our neighbours’ has returned with helpful tips on how people can look out for each other this winter.  This phase builds on the success of the campaign last year when 46,000 people joined the movement across West Yorkshire and Harrogate to help tackle loneliness and social isolation.


The Community Association has obtained a small supply of packs with information about this and these are available on request whilst stocks last


Further details can also be found on the dedicated campaign website ourneighbours.org.uk You can also sign up to be a campaign supporter on this website too.


This perhaps could have been written with the coronavirus outbreak in mind and we would suggest that residents look this up and take tips from the suggestions contained in the material about looking out for our neighbours





It was great news that Liniz’s Little Gem had re-opened in the pre-school building


What a shame they have had to close down so soon





No further news is available about this, and may now be further delayed as Council Elections due for May 2020 have been postponed to May 2021





We have had to cancel the Litter Pick that was arranged for 25 March


This will be re-arranged for later in the year, in the meantime please do not drop any litter and keep the village clean and tidy


In addition can we please ask dog owners to clean up after their pets.



The dogs cannot do this themselves so please be a responsible owner and do it for them





Please keep us informed of any accidents and incidents on Liley Lane to help us maintain a log of activity on the road



The issue of speeding and bad driving on Liley Lane remains a concern for us

We have seen reports of an increase in dog poo, particularly around Back Lane


We need your help to update this log so please do pass information to enable us to maintain an accurate log.


If you witness anything, or feel intimidated by fast or bad driving on the road please let us know


We have been made aware of 6 incidents on Liley Lane in 2019 with additional reports of poor road conditions and experience of bad driving


Please be aware that for statistical purposes there needs to be hospital treatment for at least one of the parties involved for this to be officially recorded as a Road Traffic Accident. Statistically therefore, there have been just 6 road traffic accidents in the 6 year period ending 31 March 2019. This is the figure that will influence the Council and the Police when considering their actions with regard to the road, unless we can convince them of the inaccuracy of these figures


We need your help to demonstrate to the authorities the effect of traffic and speeding on our feeling, so please let us have your views, comments and experience of Liley Lane







The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team


We now been advised that there are further changes in personnel


Our new beat officers will be PC 786 Jake KNIGHT along with PC 4963 NEWSOME.


PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer  and can be contacted at caroline.newsome@westyorkshire.pnn.police.uk


Please continue to use the 101 telephone number to contact the Police for non-urgent issues and 999 for emergency assistance


Please visit the Community Concerns tab on this web site for more information and contact details


Our local police team have provided the following information which may be of some interest to residents


“We have suffered an increase in burglaries and Hanoi burglaries where vehicle keys have been stolen along with the vehicle, 6 in the past month in Skelmanthorpe. We have a task it on so that any patrols or intervention can be monitored. I will try and get up to Liley lane to do some speed checks”





Grameen Spice remains closed and information about what comes next with the building is still awaited


In the meantime please be aware that the building is unoccupied and report any suspicious activity you may notice in the car park. We continue to receive concerns regarding vehicle parked in the car park at different times with questions raised about their activity. These concerns have been passed to the Police who are now aware of our concerns. They have said they will keep an eye on the situation


We are aware that one of the gates to the car park has been broken, making it no longer possible to close the car park





Please keep the site clean and tidy, although the property is currently unoccupied, so if you use the re-cycling bins please close the gates after you leave.


Thank you to everyone who has respected the works that has been done and have used the re-cycling bins for the correct purpose, sadly there are still one or two people who do not seem to share this respect this and continue to abuse the site.


The Bins are emptied on a regular basis, if you visit the site and notice that a bin is full, please ring the number on the bins and ask them to come along and empty the bins


We have had a report that a bag of bottles has been left on the ground

It’s up to you now to keep these bins tidy, please use them only for glass re-cycling. DO NOT LEAVE ANY RUBBISH AT THIS SITE AND IF POSSIBLE MAKE SURE THE GATES ARE KEPT CLOSED





This is a continuing problem in Grange Moor, and we will be grateful for any help you can give in reporting instances of fly tipping, and information who is responsible


Please, in addition to letting Councillor Bill Armer know, tell us as well. We are keeping a record of how much fly tipping takes place in and around the village, thank, so please let us know if you see anything around the village





The February Newsletter is now out


We have to apology for an error in the heading of the Newsletter. The current Newsletter is the February 2020 issue, although the heading states November 2019! Whoops, the curse of copy and paste strikes again, and regrettably several proof readers have also failed to spot this error. The contents are very much February 2020, hope that this will not spoil your enjoyment of this Newsletter Issue!



Whilst we try and include as much as we can in each Newsletter there is not always enough space to go into detail on some of the issues.  Please visit our web site and have a look under the Community Concerns tab on our web site for more detailed information about everything that we are doing


The Newsletter is delivered by a dedicated group of Association Members and residents to nearly 500 homes in the village


Copies of the newsletters are always available in the village shops, pubs and a number of other local businesses, or can be requested by e-mail from ourselves.


If anyone else would like to help us out with delivering this Newsletter we will be pleased to hear from you.


How to Contact us


E-mail us gramoorca@btinternet.com


Via the web site


Community Association Face Book


Drop a note in the “Community Association Post Box” in Grange Moor Fisheries, Grange Moor Convenience Stores, The Grange, or Streakers, hairdressers. These Community Post Boxes are checked regularly


Come along to the Community Association Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month and help us to plan and run our events and activities





Ring Brian on 0793 539 0673