A reminder in case some of you may have missed this, there has been a review of the Electoral Wards in Kirklees,


With Local Council Elections coming up in May, a reminder that voters will need ID when voting at Polling Stations in person


A reminder that we are holding a Coffee Morning in The Church Hall on Thursday 11 April to support this fantastic Charity, please come along and help us to raise money for them

More information in the Events & Activities update due out in a few days’ time


We have become aware of three separate cars being left parked on Liley Lane this year

All three cars have been checked with the Police, who have advised that they have no interest in the vehicle.

The latest one spotted was a silver estate car parked on the approach to the allotments at the Grange Moor Roundabout, this has now been removed

Just to be clear, cars may be parked anywhere and left as long as they are fully taxed and insured, and have not been reported in connection with a criminal activity. They can be left as long as they do not cause an obstruction


We have received the following information from “Kirklees Rural” which may of interest to some of you

REAL Employment

REAL Employment aims to support adults aged 18+ with learning disabilities and/or autism into paid, sustainable employment.

There are lots of ways REAL Employment can help you - match your skills to suitable job opportunities, help you produce a CV, provide training opportunities, prepare for interviews and support you when you’re working.

If you’re an employer and you have a role to fill, let REAL Employment help.

Please search for ‘REAL Employment Kirklees’ online to find out more, access support and make a referral.


Wondering if any of you have any memories of the Methodist Church in Grange Moor, we know a lot about the Anglican Church but seem to have little information about the Methodist Church which closed in 1996 (I think). We do know that Methodists were meeting in the village from around 1846 in what is now the shop and moved into the Church building on Briestfield Road in 1877 but there seems to be little other information about its activities, so wondering if anyone has any memorabilia, memories or even better pictures (with a story if possible).

Please get in touch if you can help


BENCHES – As you may be aware we have now completed the installation of a further 3 benches in the Miniature Memorial Park and have now fitted the Memorial Plaques to the benches

MEMORIAL WALL – We are currently waiting for a suitable stone slab to install in our Memorial Wall. This will be placed on your left as you enter the park by the two benches there

Residents will be able to have a plaque remembering a loved one, cost will be approximately £35 for a 130 x 75 mm (5” x 3”)

Please get in touch if you would like to place a plaque on the Memorial Wall, contact details at the end of this e-mail

WILDLIFE GARDEN – We now have plans in place to create the Wild Life Garden behind the fence in the Miniature Memorial Park. Offers of help to complete this will be appreciated, thanks to those residents who have already offered their help

OPENING EVENT – We are planning a formal opening ceremony for the Miniature Memorial Park on Sunday 23 June at 2.30 pm. We look forward to sharing this with residents, so please put the date in your diary now. More information to follow


The new Notice Board, on Briestfield Road in the Miniature Memorial Park is up and running. In case you had not noticed this is two sided and can be viewed from both inside the Miniature Park as well as from the pavement on Briestfield Road

This is now the place to go for news and information about all things Grange Moor.

Thanks to Kirkburton Parish Council for this new Notice Board which now replaces the old one on Bedford Avenue outside the old Shop and Post Office which will be removed


The Mobile Post Office Van will continue to visit Grange Moor every Wednesday morning between 11.00 to 12.00

Please continue to support this, a wide range of post office facilities are available from the friendly and helpful staff who come with the van. We are told that Grange Moor is one of the busiest locations for their Tuesday and Wednesday visits

There will be the odd occasions when for reasons outside of our control the van will not be able to

come into the village. If we become aware of any such occasions we will try and let you know


As we have already reported, the Council have now decided to change the shop premises to living accommodation as there was no interest received for re-opening a retail unit in this location

We now await submission of plans for this but understand that this may not happen until April or May


The hospitality sector has suffered a big downturn in business since Covid with fewer people eating and drinking out (the need to regularly empty the recycling bins in the village being an example of the latter!) and the local pubs and restaurants are not exempt from this trend.

SHOULDER OF MUTTON, BRIESTFIELD - For those of you who are not aware, the Shoulder of Mutton in Briestfield have a new kitchen and delivery team in place from 1 February. Their normal service times are Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings 5-8.30pm and Sundays 12-6.30pm.

The Residents Lunch Club enjoyed a great meal there on Thursday 14 March, so do go and try them out.

Please support our local pubs and restaurants and help to keep them going, more and more pubs are closing down, so please think about visiting one or more of our locals, USE THEM OR LOOSE THEM!


St Bartholomew's Church on Liley Lane supports a food bank in Dalton. Members of the church bring tinned and other non-perishable food items, as well as toiletries like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, nappies and sanitary products, and we put them in an orange basket in church. When the basket is full, we take it to the food bank at the Greenfields Centre in Dalton. If you would like to contribute to the Greenfields Centre foodbank, you can take your items directly there (they are on Dalton Green Lane, just opposite the junction of Dalton Green Lane and Cross Green Road); their phone number is 01484 300970. Alternatively, you can bring your items to St Bartholomew's between 10am and 10.20am, or between 11.45am and 12 noon, every Sunday, and the Church will ensure that your gifts get to the food bank. Thank you.


Information received from Kirklees Council (Rural Kirklees – January 2024 )

Where we started

In 2020, we were faced with a global change to life brought to us by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We were parents of young babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. We had to find our resilience and learn how to parent in the isolation and loneliness that lockdown brought, away from a physical support network and activities that would entertain the older children.

As we emerged from the first lockdown in the summer of 2020, we were able to start meeting friends outside. We started meeting friends for walks and we recognised the benefit that these walks had on

our mental health and the mental health of our children. We had spent months with limited social contact and the positive impact of having time together and connecting with nature was huge.

From walking together to ease our own isolation, our vision grew. We knew that there were many other parents around Kirklees and the wider West Yorkshire Area, that felt similar to us. We started organising weekly walks for parents of young children, walks aimed at bringing parents together in nature; a chance to bond with their children, share peer support and connect with nature.



The Patient Participation Group (PPG) at Middlestown Medical Centre is Meeting again and is active in surgery life at Middlestown Medical Centre

The PPG is the representative voice for patients at the Surgery and works closely with the Practice and other surgeries in Wakefield NHS to look after the interests of patients. I am Vice Chair of the Group and am aware that the surgery has a large number of residents in Grange Moor registered as patients at Middlestown, if anyone has any issues concerning the Practice  that they would like raising with the PPG please get in touch with me using my e-mail address, telephone numbers the same as shown for the Community Association. (Brian Coleman)

The Practice now has a new web site up and running, do go and visit it and find out more about the Practice

We are aware of continuing difficulties with some repeat prescription items, if you find you are affected by this please speak directly to the dispensary at the Medical Centre and they will advise on alternatives available and if appropriate can provide a paper script that you can use to get your prescription item if you are aware of any Pharmacy where there may be supplies available


Thank you for your support for our events and activities, we have more planned for the rest of the year, full details will appear on our monthly Events and Activities update

Coffee @ The Pavilion – come and join us on the third Wednesday of the month for coffee, conversation and company. Each month we have an invited guest joining us to share in our conversations and provide information and insight on a variety of topics, see our Events and Activities updates for more information.

The April Coffee @ The Pavilion will be on Wednesday 17 April and sees a welcome return

of another familiar face, when Dianne Hughes will be joining us. Dianne is Funeral Celebrant and former nurse who usually has some very interesting tales to tell from her working life

COMMUNITY FISH & CHIPS Our next delivery is planned for Thursday 18 April and full details will be in the Events and Activities update which follows in a few days’ time

If anyone would like to make a donation to help support this fabulous project, please do get in touch. Our costs increased during 2023 and are likely to increase further over the coming year, so any help we can get to maintain these deliveries will be much appreciated

Grateful thanks to everyone who has donated in the past, your help is much appreciated

We are also really proud that this service appears to be unique to our village, as we are not aware of any other Community Group providing “Community Fish & Chips”!

The RESIDENTS LUNCH CLUB –   The Resident’s Lunch Club enjoyed their Lunch at The Shoulder of Mutton on Thursday 14 March

We have further Lunch Club events planned

June – Early Evening Meal at Garda

September – Afternoon Tea in The Church Hall

December – Christmas Lunch at The Kaye Arms

Not a Member of The Resident’s Lunch Club?  Why not sign up and be among the first to know about our Plans and have priority booking for each meal, just drop us an e-mail - - to find out more and register. Lunch Club Membership numbers are now growing so don’t miss out on one of our lunches by not being registered as a Member

The Grange Moor Residents Lunch Club is primarily aimed at bringing residents, who are regularly around the village during the week, together over a shared meal as part of our programme of bringing people together

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETINGS – Meetings are usually on the first Tuesday of the month in The Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm, but in April we will revert to the First Monday in the month for the Bowling Club Season. Except for April and May when both these dates fall on a Bank Holiday and we will Meet on the Second Monday in these months. Please see more detailed information in the Events and Activities update during the spring and summer months


We are aware of concerns of litter left around the village raised on the Community Face Book, although we have not received any direct concerns over this.

We want to thank individual residents who are helping to keep our streets clear of litter and would ask residents not to drop any litter, please take your litter home and put it in your own bin and help to keep our streets clean and free of litter


We finished 2023 with just 8 reported incidents of fly tipping in and around the village, a big fall on the 2022 figures, and with a sense of relief that we had been spared a little last year

2024 has, however, already brought a number of fly tipping incidents, mainly in the fly tippers favourite spot, the lay bys on Wakefield Road

We have now had 5 reports this year, in less than three months

It appears that we will not be getting much help from the Council in prevention of these incidents in Grange Moor. We apparently “have relatively little problem” when compared to other areas of Kirklees and with reductions in staff and resources across Kirklees Council there are fewer staff to

deal with this ever-increasing problem! Please, however, keep reporting these incidents so that we can at least try and get them cleared up as quickly as we can



The service operated by South Pennine Community Transport has now been running for getting on for 2 years and as far as we are aware is providing the useful link to Middletown for the Doctors there, Horticentre and The Mining Museum

We have not had copies of the printed timetable from the bus company but have some printed copies extracted from their web site, if anyone would like a copy please get in touch

We will be really pleased to hear from any of you using this service of your experience, please get in touch


A reminder to visit their web site ( and see what services are available, and what help and support may be there for you, or someone you may know

Please also remember that, the Transport Service offered by TIMEtogether is available to those of you who may need help with transport to reach appointments or go shopping, visit their web site for more information about this or ring them on 01484 860077

If anyone out there is able to offer their service as a Volunteer Driver for their Transport Service, please get in touch with them, they are looking for volunteers in our area to provide this service for our residents and those who live nearby. We understand from them that they have received some offers of help from local residents, so a big thank you to them

TIMEtogether is the operating name of The Denby Dale Centre to reflect the expansion of its activities to much of Kirklees and well beyond the original base area of Denby Dale.

BOOK BOXES on Ben Booth Lane

Thank you to everyone who has used and supported this, we will continue whilst there is demand and support from you, the Residents of Grange Moor. Please leave any books you wish to add to our collection in a plastic carrier bag by the boxes or against the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane. In 2023 we received 109 bags of books, contents vary from just a couple of books to as many as 10 or 15 books, thanks to all concerned for their support. So far this year we have received 27 bags of books

In May 2024 we will complete 4 years of the Book Box, a really great achievement when you consider that this has been only been made possible by you the residents of Grange Moor (and we know there are some from further afield who also come and join in with this!) who keep on bringing new books and returning books that have been read. Many thanks for this

We have found that the books you mainly want to read are crime and historical novels, romance

novels, children’s books and hard back novels, so please keep bringing them coming in. We are getting low on children’s books, if you could bear this in mind when clearing out your children’s book this will be much appreciated

In the last 4 years we have had one box taken by a Charity Collection, YES the box and all the books in the box were taken!  Another was smashed into tiny pieces by a delivery van and the lids of several have now suffered from the weather and shattered and have had to be replaced

Consequently, we do not put the boxes out when a charity collection or bad weather is expected, and sadly we have had plenty of bad weather so far this winter, so sorry if anyone was disappointed by their absence on some days. We continue to experience to pretty poor days and have had to keep the boxes indoors, hope the weather improves as move into spring, so sorry to disappoint any you if were looking for a good book and found the boxes not there!

The boxes will stay out for the hours of day light and will now be staying out a bit later each week as the hours of daylight extends as we head back toward Spring and summer


Our own Face Book, and web site now carries information about all our events and activities, and other issues affecting the village together with Public Service Information, so please pay a visit and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village through our Face Book page and also the web site


We continue to welcome new residents into the village,

With house sales now slowing down and fewer houses up for sale there are fewer new residents moving in , please let us know when someone new moves in next door

We have prepared a welcome pack to help new residents settle into the village, and can deliver this to them. One of the things we do is offer an invite to take part in the next Community Fish & Chip delivery as a welcome to our village)


We have received a report that local youths are smoking cannabis at the Bowling Club Pavilion



We are now starting to see changes in the levels of service that the Council is able to provide, and expect this to be norm for this year and the coming years.

FLOODING – we have received no further reports or updates on the flooding situation around the village. A blocked drain on Briestfield Road causing water to flow down Bedford Avenue has been reported

POT HOLES  - Little to report on this issue, except that we may have to wait longer for any new pot holes to be repaired,. There does not appear to have been much done to repair the pot holes around the village and it appears that this may be one area that the Council are cutting back on as the number of pot holes on Council roads appear to be on the increase with little work being done to repair

GRASS CUTTING – We now understand that grass cutting will now be done less frequently, and from the comments that have appeared on the Community Face Book the standard of the work actually being done leaves much to be desired.

PLAY AREA CONSULTATION – we understand that the plans for this are proceeding but have not yet reached the consultation stage, we are still awaiting further news on this issue. Residents may have noticed a recent post on Face Book about damage to the Play Area on Liley Lane, which has been reported to the Council

TREE CUTTING – nothing further to report this month

DOG POO – We want to thank the vast majority of dog owners who clean up after their beloved pets, sadly there remain a few who have no regard for the community in which they live and fail to do the same thing. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO CLEAR UP AFTER YOUR DOG HAS DONE HIS BUSINESS

SPEEDING ON LILEY LANE  & BRIESTFIELD ROAD  - We have heard no further reports of any incidents on Liley Lane or Briestfield Road

Please let us know of any experience you have of using this road

SID – Following the removal of the now working machine last month, we are waiting for our slot in the rotation for Kirkburton Ward for SID to re-appear in the village

VEHICLE MEETS ON JUBILEE WAY - This continues to be a source of nuisance to residents, sadly a Face Book post reported that this returned to the village on 17 March


The bins remain on the forecourt of the Grameen Spice building, on the of the pavement and road side, it is even more important now that glass is not left if the bins are full, as glass left on the ground will now be regarded as fly tipping. It is a busy corner and used by lots of people, including dog walkers so please help to keep this clear of glass

PLEASE BE PATIENT IF THE BINS ARE FULL AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS WITH BOTTLES, come back later, contractors usually come along quickly and empty the bins.

The contractors have put a note on each bin that if one bin is full you can use one of the other bins that are not full

Please ring the contractors, 01226 727298, if the bins are full and need emptying. DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT! They usually do respond quite quickly and empty the bins


Our next Newsletter is due out at the end of May and will provide information on events and activities coming up in June, July and August. If you would like to include information about an event or activity please let us details by the end of April

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to our team of volunteers, for helping us to get the Newsletter to you, and will be really pleased to hear from anyone else out there who would like to help. The more helpers we have the easier it will be to make deliveries with shorter rounds.  Thanks to those of you who have already offered help.

We currently deliver to 438 homes in the village, as well through other village organisations, shops and pubs, and some by e-mail


The Council are making changes to their planning application process, the following appeared in the Council weekly News recently, we are repeating this from last month to remind residents of the changes that are coming

Final step in simplifying our planning application process

Posted on February 12, 2024 by EliseKirklees

Over the last few months, we’ve been updating our processes around planning applications.

As of last November, more decisions on planning applications are able to be made outside of committees, which should make the decision-making process faster and more streamlined.

Going forward, there will also be fewer planning committees to make the process even more simple.

What does this mean?

Instead of three committees, going forward there will just be two:

A Strategic Planning Committee, focusing on major planning applications

A District-Wide Planning Committee, focusing on minor and other (household) applications

Applications will only be decided at one of these committees if they’re a big departure from the Kirklees Local Plan, if public opinion is strongly against the planning officer’s recommendation, or if the planning application has been referred by a ward councillor.  Each committee will meet in Huddersfield Town Hall once every six


Why are these changes being made?

The changes will make our decision-making process more efficient, and will save the council about £100k every year.

In the long term, we also hope these changes will encourage more developers to consider sites within Kirklees for development – whilst still making sure local communities play a big part in the planning process.

Our strategy with these changes will support the update to the Local Plan, which was approved by Full Council in November last year.

DENBY LANE DEVLOPMENT – The Consultation for this Planning Application closed on 4 March and we now await the Council Planners decision on the Planning Application to build 10 quality bungalows on the site on Denby Lane. There are 2 comments posted on the Council web Site

You can still go and have a look at the plans on the Council Web Site

GRAMEEN SPICE DEVELOPMENT – There is still no further news coming out about this long running planning application


There have been no further new planning application posted on the Council Web Site this month

You can visit the Kirklees Council Web Site, Planning Applications for more information on planning applications


The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team

PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer

Please continue to use the 101-telephone number, this can be a little difficult, so you are advised to use the on-line reporting form at which (we are told) will be dealt with quicker than the telephone service. There is also “live chat” available from the web site, this is manned is 24 hours a day. (PC Caroline Newsome 20 July 2022)

How to Contact us

E-mail us

Via the web site

Community Association Face Book

If you want to leave a written note, please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Ring Brian on 0793 539 0673 or 01924 840731

Community Association Meeting are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm, except during the summer months when Meetings will be held on the first Monday of each month, more information on 2024 dates will be found in Events and Activities updates and on our web site. Please check these dates as they may be changed when circumstances beyond our control arise

The next Community Association Meeting will be on MONDAY 8 APRIL 2024 In the Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm

Take care and stay safe


​​​​​Grange Moor Community Association

Grange Moor Matters