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JULY  2019




This is a campaign to try and reduce isolation launched throughout West Yorkshire and Harrogate and more information can be obtained at


The Community Association has obtained a small supply of packs with information about this and you will be able to pick up a copy at the regular Coffee @ The Pavilion events or by request at our e-mail address


For more information visit






This year’s competition will be during the last week of September


The theme for this year is “Disney Characters


Full information, including where you can pick up and return entry forms, will be available on the web site from early August, you can also request the information sheet by e-mail


Entry forms will be available from Monday 2 September


Closing date for entries is 12.00 on Wednesday 18 September (why not join us for a coffee at Coffee @ Pavilion from 10.00 am on 18 September and drop off your entry form?)


Scarecrow Viewing Day is Sunday 22 September


Family Race Day 29 September, Prize winners announced and prizes awarded


Please note that we are asking our Judges to pay particular attention to entries this year which should include a “Scarecrow” figure and to score entries with this in mind





We have been passed information about a Bus Information Strategy which invites comments and suggestion for bus services from 2019 to 2024



Bus Information Strategy 2019-24 Engagement





I am writing to let you know about our Bus Information Strategy engagement.


We will be asking for public feedback between Monday 1 July and Sunday 25 August. Information can be found here


Its aim is to ensure we are providing people with information about local bus services in ways that best meet their needs.


Our evidence shows that our customers are increasingly using online options to access bus information to plan their journeys. By contrast, Transport Focus research tells us that just 8% of passengers in West Yorkshire still use printed timetables.


This shift to online information is borne out by nearly 2 million users visiting the Metro website almost 6 million times over the past 12 months. More than 3.2 million bus timetables were downloaded and people accessed our yournextbus real-time information service 14.1 million times via the Metro site. Yournextbus was used 39 million times via apps using open data provided by the Combined Authority.


Although the demand for the traditional, printed sources of information is declining, we recognise that there are still a number of passengers who rely on them. We want feedback from people to understand their requirements.


Our updated Bus Information Strategy acknowledges this and sets out how we plan to provide information in the form people want and to increase awareness of the information sources that are available.


How can people have their say?

People will be able to use online and printed questionnaires to provide feedback. There will also be a series of organised focus groups at colleges and community groups along with drop-in sessions at bus stations across the county. Information will also be available at West Yorkshire Travel Centres.

You can find out more about the engagement through our YourVoice portal at or if you would prefer printed information please contact the Consultation and Engagement team on or 0113 251 7413.


We will be assessing all the feedback received and will incorporate these views into a finalised Bus Information Strategy which will be presented to the Combined Authority Transport Committee meeting in November.


If you need to discuss this engagement further please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,





West Yorkshire Combined Authority | Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

Wellington House | 40-50 Wellington Street | Leeds | LS1 2DE

Tel: 0113 251 7246 | |



This is your chance to comment on local bus services which could have some influence on the bus service we receive in coming years.


Thanks to Councillor Bill Armer for passing this onto us






Just to remind you that we have a defibrillator available for emergency use in the village.


This is located on the wall of the Bowling Club Pavilion on Briestfield Road


We are also planning a short refresher on how to use the defibrillator

at the September Coffee @ The Pavilion, more information on the Events

update and on on our web site shortly







With the Post Closed, The Community Association is looking to provide transport for those unable to make the journey to another Post Office under their own steam


To help us to do this, we will be really pleased to hear from anyone who would be able to offer themselves, and their car, to take residents to the nearest Post Office in Flockton (situated in the Village shop)


Please get in touch

**If you need transport help to get to a local post office or know of someone who does

**to offer help with this to help provide transport for those in need


The post box on the wall outside the former Post Office remains in use. This is the responsibility of Royal Mail and continues to be emptied regularly as advertised.


We have been unable to find further information about the shop in the former post office






Thanks to Grange Moor Brass Band and Youth Training Band for giving us a great afternoon of music


It’s really good that we have 2 Bands in the village, with the Youth training Band now showing just how good they have become.


The weather was good, the Band was excellent and we hope that everyone enjoyed the afternoon


Thanks to everyone who provided cakes for the days, fantastic. Well done everyone and thanks for your help.


All raffle prizes were claimed on the day







The sadly neglected state of this memorial to the history of the village on land overlooking Grange Moor Roundabout was brought to our attention by a concerned resident


There remains much more work to do, including the removal of the advertising boards which have appeared on the site. These should not be there and we understand steps are being taken to remove them


This work on the site cannot be done in the summer months and we have now agreed a date Saturday 23 November to carry out the work


Sadly this site is not on Council Maintenance programmes and we will have to do the work ourselves


The Council will provide the necessary equipment for the work


We will need people to come along and do the work, more about this later, please put the date above in your diary and come along and help us to get this site sorted out

Visit the Community Concerns tab on the web site for more information






You may be aware that the Kirklees Local Plan was approved at the Council Meeting on 27 February and wonder what the implications for Grange Moor are likely to be


Please visit Community Concerns on our web site, for more details of how we see this affecting the village






There is little further to report this month, we are still waiting to hear from the Council


You can still add your voice to this issue, particular with regard to the delay from the Council. We will be pleased to hear from you with your thoughts on this very important issue that we can add to the responses we have already received


Please e-mail your thoughts to us @ or drop a note in the “Community Post Boxes” in The Grange, Off Licence or Streakers





We have heard that the Play Strategy is still under consideration within the Council


We have been told that some form of consultation will be provided, do not know when or where, or in what form this will take place


As soon as know we will let you now





We are in contact with both the Police and Council over this, but have not, at the moment, anything further to report


Please visit the Community Concerns tab in this web site for more information


We are keeping a log of any road traffic incidents or examples of bad and/or fast driving on Liley Lane to help us in our conversations with the Police about the speeding issue


If you witness anything, or feel intimidated by fast or bad driving on the road please let us know


We have been made aware of 7 incidents on Liley Lane so far this year with 4 reports of poor road conditions and experience of bad driving


Please let us know of any accidents, however small and any personal experience of poor driving and speed that you may have witnessed


Please be aware that for statistical purposes there needs to be hospital treatment for at least one of the parties involved for this to be recorded as a Road Traffic Accident. Statistically therefore, there have been just 6 road traffic accidents in the 6 year period ending 31 March 2019


We need your help to demonstrate to the authorities the effect of traffic and speeding on our feeling, so please let us have your views, comments and experience of Liley Lane







We now have confirmation that the West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team


We now have contact with the local policing team which is headed up by Sgt Graham Slarke and local Beat Officer PC 4110 Diane Shaw


Please continue to use the 101 telephone number to contact the Police for non-urgent issues and 999 for emergency assistance


Please visit the Community Concerns tab on this web site for more information and contact details


We are expecting a PC joining us for Coffee @ The Pavilion in August





Come and join us on the third Wednesday each month for a cuppa, company and something else…..


We also have a number of information leaflets available at these Events, including Age UK The Denby Dale Centre and Kirklees Community Plus


Thanks to everyone who has come along so far, if you have not managed a visit yet why not come and join us


Please also remember that this is an event for anyone, no age limits, and after comments made at the May event, we are asked to mention that men are also welcome to come along and join us


Looking ahead to September we will be providing a refresher course on how to use the defibrillator, see the Events update or web site for more information about this. The September coffee morning will also be the last chance to submit entries for the Scarecrow Competition so why not come along and have a cuppa when you drop off your entry form(s)


Please go to the Events Tab for information and details about our invited guests and activities planned for these Coffee Mornings for this year






The popular Car Boot sales 2019 season have now started and run through to Sunday 14 August


Thanks to the Football Club whose ground is used for this giving benefit to a number of local organisations, including the Community Association who are able to benefit financially from these events


If you can spare a Sunday morning or two to help out with these events your help will be very much appreciated.


Please get in touch with David Bolger 01924 848687 if you can help out






The new Children’s Bowling Team have got off to a great start this season


Their open day on Sunday 7 July was a fantastic success, a fabulous day for the children and their supporters. The weather was on their side! There were lots of entries, with some from as far as Harrogate and Wales. This couldn’t be possible though without the support of local villagers and businesses, donating and supporting the day! Russell and Katie Gilbert couldn’t be more grateful and the Team made a whopping £380 for help towards building a shelter hopefully in the near future!


Congratulations also to the junior team who on knocked out a very tough team from Almondbury Lib juniors, in a junior team Knockout competition, which takes them into the semi-finals day on the 1st September,

Up the Moor!!!!


Fancy a Saturday morning bacon buttie or sausage sarnie?


Why not pop along to join the youngsters on August 17th, August 31st, September 14th, and help support the youngsters and see just how good they are


Great future for the Bowling Club here






Kirkheaton Parish Church is operating a Food Bank for the Greenfield Centre in Dalton to provide for anyone in need in the Parish. Contributions can be dropped off at the St Bartholomew’s Church





The site has now been cleaned up. All the rubbish on the ground has been removed, as have the damaged bin. Further glass dumped had been dumped at the side of the bins, this too has been cleared as well


Please now respect the work that has been done to make these re-cycling bins useable again.


SADLY someone has dumped some garden rubbish next to the bins. These bins are for glass re-cycling only and no other rubbish should be left there


Thank you to everyone who has respected the work that has been done and used the re-cycling bins for the correct purpose, sadly there are still one or two people who do not seem to respect this and continue to abuse the site.


The Bins are emptied on a regular basis, if you visit the site and notice that a bin is full, please ring the number on the bins and ask them to come along and empty the bins


The owners of Grameen Spice now having to consider CCTV to protect the hard work that has been, and carries on to keep the car park clean and tidy


Thanks to Pod Harrison who spent many a happy hour there over the last 9 months, cleaning and tidying up and maintaining the site. Thanks Pod, great job


It’s up to you now to keep these bins tidy, please use them only for glass re-cycling. DO NOT LEAVE ANY RUBBISH AT THIS SITE






If you use Social Media and have received comments which you feel have caused offence or upset you should report this to the police and not engage any further conversation


Please behave responsibly yourself when using Social Media






Please go to our web site and Projects Tab to get all the up to date information


If you would like to help please get in touch to see what you can do.





Please, for your own safety, wear light coloured clothes, preferably high viz jackets so that motorists can see you clearly in the dark


Can we ask again, please clean up after your dog






This is a continuing problem, which causes problems around the village.

If you spot anything you can let Councillor Bill Armer know on


Please, in addition to letting Councillor Bill Armer know, tell us as well We are  keeping a record of how much fly tipping takes place in and around the village, thank, so please let us know if you see anything around the village





The next Newsletter is due at the end of August. In addition to updates on the many issues currently concerning us, we will have information about the 2019 Scarecrow Competition and Family Race day


Whilst we try and include as much as we can in each issue there is not always enough space to go into detail on some of the issues,  so please visit our web site and have a look under the Community Concerns tab for more detailed information about everything that we are doing


The Newsletter is delivered by a dedicated group of Association Members and residents to nearly 500 homes in the village


Copies of the newsletters are always available in the village shops, pubs and a number of other local businesses, or can be requested by e-mail from ourselves.


If anyone else would like to help us out with delivering this Newsletter we will be pleased to hear from you.



How to Contact us


E-mail us


Drop a note in the “Community Association Post Box” in The Grange, Off Licence or Streakers, hairdressers


Come along to the Community Association Meetings on the first Tuesday of each month and help us to plan and run our events and activities




Ring Brian on 0793 539 0673








We want to thank local the Business Community and other organisations for their fabulous support for the Community Association and our activities


Without this support, and active involvement, we would have not been able to do what we have done during 2018, many thanks to everyone concerned





St Bartholomew’s Church

Blacksmiths Arms

Coachworks Cafe

Diamond Logistics Ltd

Paul Firth, window Cleaner

Grameen Spice

The Grange

Grange Moor Band

Grange Moor Primary School

Grange Moor Coachworks

Grange Moor Fisheries

Grange Moor Off Licence and Spice Corner

Grange Moor Garage

Hare & Hounds

Heckmondwike Rotary Club

Horbury & Ossett Phoenix Rotary Club


Kaye Arms

Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

Oranmore Environmental Services / Woodside Weddings

Pennine Autos Ltd

RG Gas

Sanderson Associates

Shoulder of Mutton, Briestfield

Streakers, Hairdressers

The Unusual Chutney Company

Wakefield & District Health & Community Support Ltd 

J Wright & Sons Ltd.


(December 2018)





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