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Good morning, hope you are keeping well, and keeping safe in the latest Lock down


Here are the latest village updates and issues affecting our village, Coronavirus continues to dominate our lives but with the much-anticipated Lockdown Recovery Road Map now known, there is some hope for us all. Just got to hang in there for a little longer and hopefully by 21 June we will start to see some normality in lour lives


Separate updates continue with information about Coronavirus with information and news that may be helpful and interesting to you


There is still a lot going on even with much of Kirklees Council still concentrating on the coronavirus outbreak and its effects on our lives in Kirklees


We welcome your views and comments on issues affecting our village, particularly the traffic on Liley Lane (and now Briestfield Road) which continues to be a concern for so many of you


Please feel free to pass this e-mail onto others who you think may be interested





A reminder that the Local Council Elections, delayed from 2020 are taking place on Thursday 6 May, there is still time to apply for postal votes if you want to sign up for this


One of our Local Councillors, Richard Smith is up for re-election this year (postponed from last year)


When considering your vote do remember how hard Richard, and his fellow Councillors) fought for the village when we had the unwelcome visitors in June and July last year, when the Council did not seem to want to help us out. Richard Smith also contributes regularly on the Community Face Book, keeping residents up to date with issues that may have an effect on the village


Please see the Statements of Candidates below for both Council and West Yorkshire Mayoral candidates for your information, extracted from Kirklees Council web site  




Kirklees Council  - Election of a District Councillor


The following is a statement of the persons nominated for election as a District Councillor for Kirkburton


ANWAR Waheed - (address in Kirklees)

Liberal Democrats – proposer and seconder - Ballam Christopher J + Edinburgh Gerald ++


KNIGHT David George Edward 42 Storthes Hall Lane, Kirkburton, Huddersfield, HD8 0PT

Green Party - proposer and seconder Knight Anne-Marie + Taylor Peter H ++


SAFDAR Mohammed Imran Shahzad 201A Lockwood Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3TG

Labour Party proposer and seconder - Goodwill Eugene + MacDonald Andrew G ++


SMITH James Richard - (address in Kirklees)

The Conservative Party Candidate - proposer and seconder  Cowan John + Brooke Margaret









The Community Association delivered 48 meals to 23 homes on March 25 in our latest Community Fish & Chips, with Grange Moor Fisheries providing the Fish & Chips, thanks to George & Kayla for their fantastic support for this


The next Community Fish & Chip delivery will be on Thursday 29 April and closing date is tea time on Friday 23 April (St Georges Day), the primary recipients for this will be supermarket workers and their families. Requests and nominations from other residents are always welcome


Details and about future Community Fish & Chips (and maybe our “sit down Lunches) will be included in our next Newsletter which will be delivered to your homes at the end of May


Any suggestions for future “primary recipients” of our Community Fish & Chips? Let us know of any you think may be suitable 


We want to say a big thank you to all of you who have nominated other residents to receive a Fish & Chip delivery. This has been the single most effective factor in the expansion of Community Fish & Chips and has enabled us to reach far more people than we thought possible when we first conceived the Lunch Club idea. Please keep the nominations coming, and do not be afraid to request some for yourselves either 


We also hope that our deliveries have introduced new customers to Grange Moor Fisheries as well


The Community Fish & Chips has only been only possible thanks to grants we have been able to secure, along with donations from local business and residents which now make likely that we can continue this until the late summer, at least.  We will then be looking for further financial support to maintain the Lunch Club Project (including the Fish & Chips) later in the year and into 2022. If anyone would like to make a donation to help us achieve this please get in touch.


 If you have your own business, would you like to sponsor one of deliveries? £250 will provide around 60 fish & chip delivered meals, and we can put your Company name on the delivery so that residents can see your generosity in helping to provide this service for our residents, or you could sponsor one of our “sit down” lunches in due course 


Any help will be really appreciated, not just by the Community Association but also by the residents who receive delivery of the meals.  We will also be looking for further grants to assist us to maintain the “Lunch Club Project” going forward in to 2022


Subscribers to this e-mail will receive first notice of the next Fish & Chip delivery, with details of opening and closing dates, information will also be found on our web site and Face Book 





We have been providing support to just 2 residents during the latest Lock down, demand has been much lower than in the first lock down last year, but we have had a number of volunteers able to help if further requests are received


I have now spoken with the remaining resident to whom we provide shopping support, and he tells me that he is now able to resume his own shopping.


I have, therefore, now wound up the Covid-19 support for residents, and have written to those who have offered help to thank them for their offers although we have not had to call upon of all of them in this latest Lock Down


BOOK BOX on Ben Booth Lane 


Sadly, we have to report that a delivery van destroyed 2 of our boxes on the afternoon of 12 April, with damaged boxes, and books, scattered over a large area. The van was reversing off the drive when this happened


There was a reduction in the books offered for a few adays whilst we were able to replace the boxes, and normal service has resumed, although for future safety the boxes have been moved across to the other side of the drive


Sorry for any inconvenience




To mark the first anniversary of the Book Box we are planning a “Coffee & Books” celebration on May Day Bank Holiday Monday. (Inspired by a great coffee shop in Conwy and Llandudno of the same name) Come along to 2B Ben Booth Lane have a coffee, and maybe a little something tasty, and have a look at the wider selection of books we have received


Monday 3 May, 10.00 to 12.00 noon  


We will be observing Social Distancing


The Book Box(s) has been out on Ben Booth Lane for around 11 months now, and are available to all and everyone in Grange Moor (not mention to visitors from other places – Horbury, Meltham, Emley and Whitley to mention just a few who we have spoken with) to take books away read, and return when read.


The Book Box is now out regularly and should be out most days, bad weather will keep the books indoors (hopefully the worst of the bad weather may now be behind us!) and they will also remain indoors when a charity collection is expected. We have already lost one box, full of books, to them and now with three boxes being used we do not want to run the risk of losing any more


With lighter nights now coming the boxes will remain out later in the evening to give those of you who enjoy an evening stroll around the village the opportunity to pick up your reading material when passing along Ben Booth Lane


The boxes are now maintained by deliveries of books from you, our residents, who use this free service.


Just to remind you, we continue to welcome new supplies, and the return of books read. Paperbacks are now the only style available from the box, this is the type of book that has been most popular and taken the most since the Book Box started, so from now on we will only be stocking these type of book


It will be really helpful if you can bag up the books you deliver, leave the bags by the boxes or the gate post to the right, the books are then “quarantined” in the garage for 72 hours before introducing them into the boxes


We will, separately, maintain the children’s book box and will also welcome further supplies and returns for this box






Just a reminder that Orlando has now opened his Chicken Run takeaway on Wednesday to Sunday, with outdoor seating now available to use  since 12 April


Fancy a cuppa, bacon sandwich or rotisserie chicken with a great view across the fields, pop along to Orlando’s and take a seat in the outdoor seating area behind Chicken Run.


Orldando’s is now open on Wednesday evenings through to Sunday and there is a Marquee in front of the restaurant




The Kaye Arms is also open for out door dining and they too have marquee for their outdoor dining area


The Seed Room at Horticentre is also open for outdoor drinks and refreshments


Also don’t forget that Streakers, hairdressers are also open again, so no excuse for Lock Down hair any more, Joanne and her staff are just waiting to serve you 


The Kaye Arms, Orlando and the Seed Room will be open for indoor eating and drinking again in the week beginning 17 May, assuming the Government confirm that this can happen, along with the Blacksmiths Arms and The Grange Pub.




From Graeme Genty,


The Key Community Choir is still getting people together to sing, despite lockdown still being in place. Choir will resume face to face as soon as it is possible to safely do so, but for now we still meet via Zoom, on the first Tuesday every month and new members are always welcome. There is no cost at all and everyone says that the singing is great for their emotional wellbeing as well as enjoying seeing their choir friends.

If you are interested then feel free to get in touch by emailing keyofgofficial@gmail.com 


Graeme and Kaytie-Jo, who run the Community Choir from right here in Grange Moor, also do a 2-hour livestream music show every Saturday night on Facebook live. This is a fun filled live show and everyone is very welcome, as are requests. Many in the village already enjoy the weekly shows and if you want to join them simply check out @keyofgofficial on Facebook.


Keep up the good work Graeme




MINIATURE PARK, Briestfield Road 


The plans for the Miniature Park have taken another set back


The plans for laying out the Park have been submitted to a number of contractors and we have received cost estimates for the work needed which is far higher than we had expected, or hoped for.


Whilst we have already raised a considerable amount of money from donations and our own fund raising activities, we will now have to raise a considerable further amount of money to allow us to proceed with the work to achieve our ambitions for the Park.


In view of the amount needed we will be looking to secure grants to cover the cost, and this maya take a little time, in the meantime further donations from residents will be much appreciated




Our own Face Book, and web site now carry information about all our events and activities, and other issues affecting the village so please pay a visit and let us know what you think together with Public Service Information


You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village through our Face Book page and also the web site






Please let us know if you have new neighbours moved in recently, we have prepared a welcome pack to help them settle into the village, and can deliver this to them, thanks





In case you missed the please see the re-produced article from Examiner BELOW (31 March) with information this summer camp facility


Kirklees Summer Play Camp set to return this summer

The camp will run six camps throughout July and August.

31 March 2021



By InYourArea Community

The campfire is a staple of summer camp

After last year's Kirklees Summer Play Camp was cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the camp is now looking forward to welcoming back children.

For over 40 years the camp has given thousands of children the opportunity to make memories, meet new friends and try new activities.

Children from the ages of nine-12 can come to one of the six camps throughout July and August. Each camp is four days and three nights which is spent in tents with their friends.

As in previous years the camps will include a variety of games and activities, including the final night disco and campfire, waterslide and games in the woods.

Camp leaders Jane and Duncan said: "We were devastated that we had to cancel summer camp last year. We know that our children and families missed it so much and so did we.

"This year will be amazing – seeing old friends, making new ones and rediscovering all our games and activities, including a climbing wall on each camp. So, don’t miss out, book now and we will see you in the summer!

"The children are collected and returned to one of three central pick up points in Huddersfield, Dewsbury and the Woolley Edge services on the M1.  


Each year we have a different theme, pirates was very popular

"The cost of a full price place is £61.04 with reductions when siblings are booked together and, because of our successful fundraising, we have reduced the cost of an assisted place to £20.50 for this year. The fees cover pick up from a central point, all food and activities. "

For more information about assisted places, email Kirklees Camp here.

All dietary requirements are catered for and there is a tuck shop available for children to buy sweets and glow sticks for the disco.

The camp is run by a team of experienced volunteers who ensure that the children are safe and able to have fun.

Kirklees Summer Play Camp also offers young people the opportunity to complete their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award residential through its Aspiring Leaders program, visit the website for more information.

Camp dates 2021:

Camp 1 – Monday, July 26 – Thursday, July 19
Camp 2 – Friday, August 30 – Monday, August 2
Camp 3 – Wednesday, August 4 – Saturday, August 7
Camp 4 – Sunday, August 8 – Wednesday, August 11
Camp 5 – Friday, August 13 – Monday, August 16
Camp 6 – Tuesday, August 17 – Friday, August 20

For more information click here.

Shine a spotlight on Kirklees by becoming an Area Ambassador.

Click here to learn more!








With Council Staff still working from home and being diverted onto Covid 19 related duties there has been some delaying in dealing with other issues


FOOTPATHS – With most of the work over the winter now completed, there remains the Fixby Lane/Fallhouse Lane area still to complete. The work on the footpath from Barnsley Road in Flockton to Liley Lane (Back Lane) is expected to start in the next few weeks, please see the Traffic Order (below) for details as this relates to these works, Council vehicles have been seen on Liley Lane by the Football Ground so by the time you read this work may have already started   


FLOODING – The major concern here is the Bridleway on Denby Grange Lane. This received further damage following the heavy rain in January and early February, which was made worse by flooding down Denby Lane resulting from blocked drains along the Denby Lane. Council have been asked to urgently deal with this as the work already done the Bridleway could be in danger of being badly damaged, creating even

more work to repair and restore


PLAY AREAS – We have heard that the Council may be looking to move forward with the Consultation on their Play Strategy.  There is, however, no indication of any timescale for this so perhaps, for now, we will not, perhaps, get too excited about this! 


Please let us know of other issues that need reporting to the Council





We are always pleased to received feedback and comments from residents, and would just like to remind you that we will be unable to act on any comment or feedback that does not contain the senders contact information. We may need to speak with the sender to verify details and may also be able to point a direction that maya be helpful to you. We will, of course, be able to withhold that information should the sender not wish for this information to be shared with other residents




There remain concerns about roadside car parking around the village and the continuing difficulties that this is causing to wheelchair users and push chairs in particular


We know that our village streets are not that wide and not everyone is able to park on their driveway, but car owners are requested to park with care, and please bear in mind that some of our residents with mobility issues, and parents with push chairs, need a little more room to pass safely on the pavement whilst allowing home owners access to their property at all times 


We understand that the police have also been involved in complaints about parking in the village




Although day light is now beginning to last longer, dark nights are with still with us. So, can we remind you to take extra care when you are out and about, walking the dog or, taking a walk yourself, in the dark. Please wear something bright, a hi viz jacket give drivers a much better chance of seeing you and taking action to avoid hitting you, and perhaps have a good torch with but please do not sign towards car drivers or into homes.





A big thank to everyone in the village who has done a fabulous job over the last 12 months keeping an eye out for their neighbours, keep up the good work folks the need remains even though we may be moving out lock down restrictions there are a good number of our residents who will still be indoors.


With the latest news that shielding is being extended to a wider group, there may those who are shielding  for the first time, please remember that the Community Association has volunteers available to help out if anyone is worried about having to go into shielding


Take the time to make sure that neighbours are okay and see if they need help, and please keep them informed that there is help available in the village, sometimes it is not that easy for them to ask for help. Remember that we are not living in normal times, so please, please encourage them to ask for help





Following our piece in last month’s update, Residents may have noticed that our streets are now much tidier than they have been with little or no litter noticeable in and around the village.


This seems to follow the introduction of the twice weekly visit of a Council Guy for whom  we have to thank for this, please help to keep our streets by not dropping any litter around the village


The area of Wakefield Road from the roundabout going towards Lepton does not at the moment appear to be included in this, we will see what can be done to bring this into the clean up


We have also just discovered that this lovely lady, by the name of Clare Furniss, has been regularly clearing rubbish from the side of Wakefield Road from Middlestown up to Grange Moor She bags up the rubbish and leaves the bags hoping that the Council will collect


Clare has given us permission to use this image


This would account for some of the “fly tipping reports” we have received, and which allow us, at least, to alert the Council to pick them up. We are in conversation with Councillor Bill Armer to see how the issue of Fly Tipping can be reconciled into this act of kindness


Clare lives in Overton and also litter picks litter in other areas of Kirklees, and those of you have frequented the Seed Room in Middlestown may also have seen her there at breakfast times




We continue to receive reports of fly tipping in and around the village, please keep the reports coming in. In 2020 we received 19 reports, so far this year we have received 13 in less than 4 months, yet the Council do not seem to be interested in prevention. They are unwilling to use CCTV camera, citing as their reason that they have very few that can be used and need a power source!





Whilst litter on village streets is much improved, we cannot say the same about dog


Can we again ask our dog owners to clear up after their dogs, the dogs cannot do this themselves so please be a responsible owner and do it for them, please show some respect for other dog owners and our village 


We would like to hear from you about suggestions of how we can combat this and look forward to hearing from you




We still need your comments and views on the traffic on Liley Lane, please send these to us at gramoorca@btinternet.


We are also hearing of concerns about speed on Briestfield Road, Police are hoping to carry out speed checks in the near future, in the meantime please let us have any information that you feel will be helpful in addressing these concerns


Please do keep us informed of your experiences of speeding vehicles on Liley Lane, this will help us inform the police of the problem and hopefully will encourage some action, there currently seems to be little interest or consideration of speed cameras on Liley Lane. The more information we can provide may encourage some action






The gates at the entrance to the car park remain closed with a strong lock and chain, and the bins remain behind the gate as an additional layer of security, these bins are still accessible to use and are emptied regularly


Sadly, it was noticed recently that about 10 bags of bottles were left on the ground, presumably by some people who could not be bothered to take them home and await for the bins to be emptied, which had been fairly quickly by the way.  The bags have since been removed and the area tidied up, so thanks to however took the time to do this


Do remember that there is a CCTV camera pointing down at the gate


Please ring the contractors, 01226 727298, if the bins are full and need emptying, they do respond quite quickly and are able to empty the bins from the behind without the gates without difficulty


PLEASE BE PATIENT IF THE BINS ARE FULL AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS WITH BOTTLES, come back later, contractors usually come along quickly and empty the bins. Bags and boxes left on the pavement are regarded as fly tipping and may be reported to the Council, remember that there is a camera on Grameen Spice overlooking the gates!


The new fencing on the field behind Grameen spice has now been completed, and we are told that the bins will remain behind the gates for the time being


The Council are still looking for another site for the bins in the village so if you have any ideas let us know 




The next Newsletter is due out at the end of May, and hopefully this may carry some exciting news about what just might be happening after Lock Down is eased (hopefully) on 21 June


The Newsletter is delivered by a dedicated group of Association Members and residents to nearly 500 homes in the village, we thank them for their time





Everyone will be ware of the Planning Application for the Grameen Spice site, the public consultation ends on 19 March and according the Council Web Site the initial target date is 11 May 2021.


There is just one further application submitted this month so far, 2021/91364 – variation on previous submission for Plot 5 on land off Liley Lane


For more information about these planning applications visit Kirklees Council web site/search for planning applications




Provided by councillor Bill Armer


Notification of TTRO
Our Ref: TTRO 12750
Date: 19th February 2021
Location :-

Speed reduction from 50mph to 30mph:

Liley lane and Barnsley road, Grange Moor and

Barnsley road Flockton.

from Briestfield Road to Palace Wood Farm

Ward: Kirkburton Ward

This document is to notify yourselves of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order that is to be
raised for the above location
a) I attach a copy plan indicating the extent of the restriction and the diversionary route.
b) Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.
c) Vehicular traffic will have access to the points of the restriction.
d) The Diversionary route will be: N/A this is a speed reduction only
Ward: Kirkburton Ward
e) The order will be effected on 4th May 2021 till 25th June 2021
f) Temporary traffic regulation order for KMC for a 50mph to 30mph speed reduction for
safety reasons.
If you would like any further information, please send your queries to




The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team


Our beat officers are PC 4963 NEWSOME and PC 786 Jake KNIGHT.


PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer 


Please continue to use the 101-telephone number to contact the Police for non-urgent issues and 999 for emergency assistance. You can use the internet reporting form at westyorkshirepolice.uk, this creates a log immediately and is usually picked up quicker than the telephone reporting system (advised by PC Newsome in November 2020) 


We have started an occasional separate mailing with Police Alerts, so look out for these


Our local PC, Caroline Newsome has provided an article for the February Newsletter together with a flyer with information about contacting the police, this is attached to this e-mail for your information







How to Contact us


E-mail us gramoorca@btinternet.com


Via the web site


Community Association Face Book


The “Community Association Post Boxes” are located in Grange Moor Fisheries, Grange Moor Convenience Stores, The Grange, and Streakers, hairdressers. These Community Post Boxes are not currently available. If you want to leave a written note please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Community Association Meetings are currently suspended and will resume as soon as we are able to meet again safely and within Covid-19 rules