JULY 2022


NEWSLETTER - we have a vacancy for a Newsletter Distributor to deliver around Steeple Avenue, South View Terrace and the 4 houses round the corner on Liley Lane. We produce 4 Newsletters a year, in February, May, August and November. Anyone living on South View Terrace that would like to help out with this?

THE LUNCH CLUB PROJECT – this includes both the Residents Lunch Club and the Community Fish & Chips and is funded entirely by grants and donations that we have been fortunate to secure, in addition to money that we have raised ourselves from our fund-raising activities. If anyone would like to donate to this Project please get in touch with our Secretary

COMMUNITY FISH & CHIPS – We would like to welcome new members to our team delivering Fish & Chips. It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to make delivery and you may not be needed for each delivery as this will depend on the number of orders we have to the deliver each time. We will let you know at each delivery what help is needed and see who is available to help out. We are looking to make 6 to 8 deliveries a year

RACE DAY – OCTOBER – We are looking for various supporters to provide much needed sponsorship for this event, there are several levels at which you can help, please see the item about The Race Day in the Events and Activities Section

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEMBERS – come and join us and bring new ideas to the village


Wednesday 20 July – our guests at the July coffee morning were PC Caroline Newsome and WPCSO Jo Payne, who provided us with an entertaining morning of conversation and information about their involvement with our village

They tell us that they patrol the village regularly, the frequency of their visits is determined by the number of incident logs recorded for Grange Moor. They did tell us that we are one of the local villages with the least number of incidents reported regularly, all incidents reported are logged and we have the smallest number of incidents logged making us appear to have the least number of crimes occurring and their patrol response is based on this. Residents should report all incidents, this will increase our log numbers and bring more regular patrols in response

They also told us that there are two “hotspots in the village and these are patrolled regularly

Jubilee Way, with “boy racers” meeting up

Grameen Spice with anti social behaviour

Interestingly they told us that there have been NO reports about Jubilee Way logged in the last month, although residents report that the noise continues to be heard across the village. The Police continue to visit Jubilee Way regularly but have yet to catch anyone there

With regards to Grameen Spice, they tell us that have visited children’s home and issued a warning letter, which they say is enough in 9 out of 10 instances to put the children off further activity, the threat of being issued with an ASBO apparently is enough for most children. There are, however, some children who will continue to cause problems and they will end with intervention from other more specialised units attempting to prevent these children from even more serious involvement the Police. Sadly, there are some who will go onto becoming well know to the Police.


A reminder that that Bog Green Lane will be closed next week

“We need to close the road from 07:00 on Wednesday 27th July to 18:00 on Sunday 31st July 2022. This will allow site investigation survey work to be carried out. The survey work is needed to identify existing utilities that may be within both the footpath and the road. These surveys will then allow our teams to confirm the requirements for utility diversions or protection when we are carrying out future bridge work.  Below shows the area where the work will be taking place:  “


We have mentioned that there is a resident in the village who has offered help and assistance to other residents to check whether they are receiving the benefits to which they are entitled

There are concerns (and we have heard this from a number of sources now) that there may be some of our residents in village who are not receiving the full financial support that is available to them, and through our connections we are now able to bring you the help and support you may need to find out for yourself

If you would like some help with this please get in touch and we will pass your information onto the local resident who is offering this service. This will include help with the on-line form filing on a one to one, with particular help for those who do not have access to the all-embracing internet, or who find on line working difficult

We do understand that there is a natural reluctance to ask for help and, sometimes, a fear of dealing with authority to secure the right benefits for yourself. So why not give this a try, confidentiality is assured and you might just be surprised with additional benefits that could be coming your way

For those who do use a computer try spending 10-15 minutes filling in the online Benefits Calculator. It can be found on various websites, including Kirklees Council website, Age UK Ltd and Martin Lewis website .On the latter it is under the heading Income and Budgeting, then Tax and Benefits. 

Based on your information, the Benefits Calculator will tell you if you are likely to be eligible to receive any benefits and which forms you need to fill in to apply. It is anonymous and can be deleted once you have completed it.

If you feel some help will be useful please then get in touch, either by e-mail – or ring me Brian , the only information we need from you is your name and contact details, we then pass this onto to our local resident offering this service who will then contact you directly. We will not be involved in any other way.


Our village streets continue to remain fairly clear of litter, thanks to the Council Guy who comes every Monday and Friday, not to mention the efforts made by you, the residents, in helping to keep the streets clean by not dropping as much litter, so please do keep up the good work and do not drop litter, take it home and put in your own bin.


The volunteer lady from Overton continues to keep the verges along Wakefield Road clear of rubbish and litter, and Kirklees Council now aware of her efforts, come along and collect the bags she leaves fairly quickly. Unfortunately the lady has suffered an injury recently and this will prevent her from litter picking for some time, so the lay bys in Wakefield Road may become untidy without her regular help to keep them clear of litter

In 2021 we have received 28 reports of incidents in and around the village (In 2020 we received 19 similar reports!), and so far this year we aware of 19 (18/07) incidents with the latest on Denby Lane, we think that may be the first incident there, at least for some time

Please let us know if you spot anything and keep the reports coming in, we are talking with the Council and looking at ways in which we can improve these numbers



We were really pleased to let you know that the new service from Grange Moor to Middlestown is due to start on 25 July.

This is being provided by South Pennine Community Transport, a not for profit Company,

and is being achieved by an extension of their X41 Dewsbury to Huddersfield Service. The Company have been able to secure funding from the West Yorkshire Combined Authority to run this service

The Service will require regular passenger use if it is to be maintained. This will be reviewed when the subsidy is up for review, so please do use this as much as you can. If we lose this service, it is most unlikely that a replacement will be available to us.

Arriva withdrew this service because of poor passenger numbers, please do not let the new service suffer the same low level of support

Please also remember that, the Transport Service offered by TIMEtogether is still available to those of you who may need transport for other purposes, visit their web site for more information about this or ring them on 01484 860077

If anyone out there is able to offer their service as a Volunteer Driver for their Transport Service, please get in touch with them, they are looking for volunteers in our area to provide this service for our residents and those who live nearby. We understand from them that they have received some offers of help from local residents, so a big thank you to them

TIMEtogether is the new operating name of The Denby Dale Centre to reflect the expansion of its activities to much of Kirklees and well beyond the original base area of Denby Dale.


The outside of the shop has been painted and looks good, changes have been made to inside the shop giving more shelf space and the lottery is being installed this week. Cash withdrawals are available from the till

Make sure you pay them a visit and support their efforts to bring a village shop back to our village


The Mobile Post Office Van continues to visit Grange Moor and will continue every Wednesday morning with the big red Post Office van at the Grange from 10.45 to 11.45 am

Please support this, a wide range of post office facilities are available from the friendly and helpful staff who come with the van


We are now starting to make plan for our events and activities

RACE DAY – will be on Sunday 16 October at The Grange from 2.00 pm, with the first race at 2.30 pm, more details of this event will appear in our Events & Activities Update which be out shortly

We will also be pleased to hear from anyone out their who would like to help out

RACE DAY SPONSOR – anyone out there like to become the Race Day sponsor/patron, either personally or

with your business?


HORSE OWNERS – put your name to a horse of your choice

RAFFLE PRIZES – would you like to donate a raffle prize

The Family Race Day is a joint fund raiser for the Grange Moor Bowling Club and Grange Moor Community Association and this will be the first such Event since 2019. The Event provides much needed income for both these village groups so please come and join us and help to make a really bumper day to make up for the two lost years

Get in touch with the Community Association Secretary to offer your help and support – e-mail to or ring on 01924 840731

Please see the Events and Activities update e-mails for more information about all the events we are planning, as well as our Web Site and Face Book

Coffee @ The Pavilion – come and join us on the third Wednesday of the month for coffee, conversation and company. Each month we have an invited guest joining us to share in our conversations and provide information on a variety of topics, see our Events and Activities updates for month information

The RESIDENTS LUNCH CLUB – our next Lunch together will be on Thursday 25 August at The Blacksmiths Arms. Residents who have registered as members will be receiving their information shortly, if not a Member you can join the Club for free, just contact our Secretary. We are then planning a Residents Christmas Lunch in December

COMMUNITY FISH & CHIPS – although originally planned only as a one off in 2020, this has now become a resident favourite with between 40 and 50 meals delivered each time. There is a delivery later today (21 July) and the next delivery is then planned for Thursday 22 September, with more information in the August update and Newsletter due out by the end of August

LOCAL HISTORY PRESENTATION – John Lyte a local historian living in Briestfield gave a very interesting presentation about the history of our village at the February Coffee @ The Pavilion and was enjoyed so much that we were asked if we could arrange another presentation open to anyone who may be interested in our history. We have been fortunate to arrange a return visit with John coming along on Thursday 15 September in The Church Hall. All welcome, there will be no charge. Keep an eye on the Event and Activities update for more details

EVENING WITH YOUR MP – MARK EASTWOOD – we are now really pleased to let know that Mark has accepted our invitation to come and join us for the evening on Thursday 27 October. More information about this to follow, there will be the opportunity for you to put a question to Mark and we will let you know more about this

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETINGS – we have had make changes to our Meeting Dates over the Summer, the Bowling Season is now in full swing and the Bowling Club Pavilion will not be available to us on some of our planned Meetings Dates over the coming summer months. We have, therefore, made some changes to our Meetings dates over the Summer, Meetings will continue in the Bowling Club Pavilion and will be on the first MONDAY in the month, reverting to Tuesday from September.

HAVE YOU GOT AN IDEA FOR A VILLAGE EVENT OR ACTIVITY? – do get in touch and tell us what you have in mind and we will see what we can do.

BOOK BOXES on Ben Booth Lane

The Book Boxes continue to provide residents with a wide choice of reading material and a big thank you to the users of these boxes who continue to return book and provide new books to maintain this service which will continue as long as you want it to. We have now completed 2 years, thanks to your support

We are also pleased to provide a box with children’s books and will be pleased to receive supplies of books for this as our supplies of children’s books are now very low

We have had one box taken by a Charity Collection, yes the box and all the books in the box were taken! Consequently, we do not put the boxes out when a charity collection is expected. Another box was smashed into a great number of pieces by a delivery van

With daylight is now starting to reduce as we head towards Autumn and the long dark days of winter, the books will remain out for the hours of daylight each day, but will not be out on days when the weather is not good, or when the infamous charity collection is in the



CAR PARKED ON FIXBY LANE – The car remains parked on Fixby Lane. Just to remind residents there is little more we can do about this. The Police are aware, but will not be taking any action to remove the vehicle as it has not infringed any road traffic law. The Police will be contacting the owner shortly to see if there is any intention to move the vehicle, but are not able to take action until the insurance, road tax and MOT are not renewed. The vehicle is not parked illegally


Our own Face Book, and web site now carries information about all our events and activities, and other issues affecting the village together with Public Service Information, so please pay a visit and let us know what you think

You can also message us with information with your concerns about issues affecting our village through our Face Book page and also the web site


We continue to welcome new residents into the village, there are now 2 families living on Taylor Fold, the new houses on Liley Lane and we welcome them into our Community and look forward to getting to know them

With a number of houses going up for sale recently there will be more new residents moving into the village so please let us know when someone new moves in next door

We have prepared a welcome pack to help new residents settle into the village, and can deliver this to them. One of the things we do is offer an invite to take part in the next Community Fish & Chip delivery as a welcome to our village)


FLOODING – Nothing to report on this

PLAY AREAS – No further news on this at the moment.We understand that the Council have started consultations with our local Councillors and the first meeting has taken place. We are informed that the Liley Lane play area is being made the priority in these discussions and further information will follow when available

POT HOLES - We have reported a number of pot holes that were in need of a repair, which have been repaired quite quickly although the standard of some of these repairs might not be to everyone’s liking. We did report some further potholes that were looking to be in need of repair, Councillor Bill Armer chased this up for us only to be told that the ones we reported “were not deemed by the authority to meet our maintenance strategy for repair nor are they deemed to pose a danger to users of the highway network and as such no work has programmed on this occasion. Please keep reporting any pot holes that appear outside your home or as see them on your walking round the village, the more reports we can submit the more likelihood that the Council will respond”


TREE CUTTING – A number of trees in and around the village have been reported as needing some cutting back. The council have acknowledged the reports but it seems we should expect any action soon as they department dealing with this have a big backlog and “it may take some time” for us to reach the top of the list!


The problem of dog poo being left on the ground by their owners remains, with some dog owners still not taking responsibility for their own animals but a new initiative from Kirklees Council may offer some hope of this being improved

Dog Wardens are now patrolling our streets and offering advice to dog walkers with the power to take action against the offenders

You have been warned! So come everyone please get on board and let’s clean the village of the unsightly and potentially dangerous piles of dog poo.


This will continue to be a problem as cars and motor bikes do tend to travel at speeds above the speed limit, unfortunately enforcement of the existing speed is clearly ineffective in slowing down traffic.

Councillor Bill Armer reported on 9 July

Having had complaints about speeding, I had another word with local police and pointed them towards the Temple Quarry area of Liley Lane. I'm that today they reported two drivers for speeding. Normal police practice would be to caution up to 9mph over the

limit, report for 10mph and above.

I don't like getting folk into bother, but sometimes needs must. I've put a post on Facebook.

The Police Officers who joined us the Coffee morning on 20 July confirmed this, which was part of a wider day exercise, and also confirmed that there will be further checks in the future

We know that residents feel unhappy with this and would like to see more action taken to slow traffic down, and in this connection, we need residents to share their experiences and views with us, which could then allow us to discuss more effectively with both the Police and Council. Whilst there are lots of comments on Face Book saying that something should be done, no one has provided us with the information to allow us to try and get something done!

So, without this evidence to help us take forward we cannot do anything, and until we do receive your comments and views, we are unable to take this issue any further

Please let us know if you hear of any further noise from Jubilee Way, and report any incidents to the Police, the more the merrier!


The bins remain on the forecourt of the Grameen Spice building, on the of the pavement and road side, it is even more important now that glass is not left if the bins are full, as glass left on the ground will now be regarded as fly tipping. It is a busy corner and used by lots of people, including dog walkers so please help to keep this clear of glass

PLEASE BE PATIENT IF THE BINS ARE FULL AND DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BAGS WITH BOTTLES, come back later, contractors usually come along quickly and empty the bins. Bags and boxes left on the pavement are regarded as fly tipping and may be reported to the Council.

The contractors have put a note on each bin that if one bin is full you can use one of the other bins that are not full

Please ring the contractors, 01226 727298, if the bins are full and need emptying. DO NOT WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT! They usually do respond quite quickly and empty the bins


The next Newsletter will be due out at the end of August and will carry information about events and activities in September, October and November, so if you are planning something in this timescale drop us a note with the details and we will include as much as we can in the August Newsletter

There will also be more information about the return of our “Family Race Day” coming up

in the Autumn

We are really grateful to our team of volunteers, for helping us to get the Newsletter to you, and will be really pleased to hear from anyone out there who would like to help. The more helpers we have the easy it will be to make deliveries with shorter rounds. Thanks to those of you who have already offered you help.

We do have vacancy right now as one of our volunteers has now left the village, so if anyone would like to join us, please get in touch.

Thanks to the resident living on Greenfield Crescent, who has volunteered to take on the deliveries for Greenfield Crescent, Shuttle Eye View and Moorfield Court and will be joining the deliver team for the August delivery

We deliver to 437 homes in the village, as well through other village organisations, shops and pubs



The Public Consultation period for the planning application for the development of 18 homes off Denby Lane (Site HS58) has now closed, to date there have been 31 comments posted on the Council Website and we wait now whilst the Planners consider this application

The other site (HS195) has now been sold at Auction on 26 May with the developer for the adjoining site (HS58) being the successful bidder, we now look forward to meeting with them again and discussing the Community Needs for this site. Please let us have any thoughts or comments you would like us to share with the developer

Both these sites were included in the Kirklees Local Plan, approved in February 2019 as part of Kirklees Plans to build 31,000 houses between 2019 and 2034. Grange Moor has a relatively small number of houses in this plan, whilst other areas have far more. In a recent Examiner article about a development in Lepton/Fenay Bridge which will involve several hundred houses, mention was made of a comment from a local Kirklees Councillor about the area included in the Kirklees Local Plan (in the same way that the development in Grange Moor will be) “as being earmarked for housing development and the onus will be on objectors to prove a case for non-development “


There is nothing further to report on this at the moment

There have been two further planning applications posted on the web site since our June Update

Application Number 2022/92128 – Change of use of building from equestrian to dog care centre – Land off Liley Lane

Application Number 2022/92128 – Certificate of lawfulness for existing use of land as garden – Nineveh, Liley Lane

If you want know more about these planning applications you should visit the Kirklees Council Web Site, “Search for planning applications” and look up the details under the Planning Application Number. You can also leave any comments that you may wish on the web site under the appropriate planning application number


St Bartholomew's Church on Liley Lane supports a food bank in Dalton. Members of the church bring tinned and other non-perishable food items, as well as toiletries like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, nappies and sanitary products, and we put them in an orange basket in church. When the basket is full, we take it to the food bank at the Greenfields Centre in Dalton. If you would like to contribute to the Greenfields Centre foodbank, you can take your items directly there (they are on Dalton Green Lane, just opposite the junction of Dalton Green Lane and Cross Green Road); their phone number is 01484 300970. Alternatively, you can bring your items to St Bartholomew's between 10am and 10.20am, or between 11.45am and 12 noon, every Sunday, and the Church will ensure that your gifts get to the food bank. Thank you.


The West Yorkshire Police team covering Grange Moor are part of the Dearne Valley Rural Policy Team

Our local ward manager is PC 4963 CAROLINE NEWSOME

PC Newsome is also our local wildlife police officer

Please continue to use the 101-telephone number, this can be a little difficult, so you are advised to use the on-line reporting form at which (we are told) will be dealt with quicker than the telephone service. There is also “live chat” available from the web site, this is manned is 24 hours a day. (PC Caroline Newsome 20 July 2022)

We have an occasional separate mailing with Police Alerts, so look out for these

How to Contact us

E-mail us

Via the web site

Community Association Face Book

The “Community Association Post Boxes” are currently not in use. If you want to leave a written note, please use the post box on the gate at 2B Ben Booth Lane


Ring Brian on 01924 840731

Community Association Meeting are held on the first Tuesday of each month in the Bowling Club Pavilion at 7.30 pm, except for the summer months of June, July and August 2022 whilst the Bowling Season in taking place when the Meeting will be on the first Monday of each month.

The next Community Association Meeting will be on Monday 1 August

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